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In Trouble Overseas? How M’sian Embassies Can Help

In Trouble Overseas? How M’sian Embassies Can Help

Sarah J. Harme

School holidays, semester break and the work leave you’ve been saving up for the end of the year; although, we try our best to make sure everything goes according to plan, sometimes it just doesn’t go that way.

While many may assume that the High Commissions and Embassies has the answer to all our troubles. The reality is a little bit different.

These Malaysian Missions overseas actually serve as strategic mechanisms for the achievement of Malaysia’s national interests and for implementing its foreign policy mandate. Their main roles are to conduct activities that promote friendly relations with the host government and lobby in the interest of Malaysia. 

The Malaysian Embassy in the United States of America.
(Credit: The National Museum of American Diplomacy)

However, that does not mean they’ll turn away Malaysian citizens abroad. So if you find yourself in trouble at any of the 85 countries with a Malaysian High Commission or embassy, here’s what they can do for you:

Emergency Situation (Natural disaster/ War/ Civil Unrest)

This is what they mainly do: respond to emergency situations that may endanger the safety of Malaysian citizens overseas. An emergency situation could be – natural disaster, civil unrest or war.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry also has a Twitter account where they provide updates and the latest news on situations abroad.

Screenshot from Twitter

Lost or stolen passport

After checking your luggage bags for the 100th time, you realise that your passport really isn’t with you. What happens next

The Foreign Affairs Ministry, advises you to immediately report the loss of your travel document to the closest police station. Make your way to the closest Malaysian Mission and apply for an Emergency Certificate.

Credit: Cham Ais

 It’s essential for you to submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the police report
  • Other documents that can be used as proof of citizenship

An Emergency Certificate will be issued by the Mission, which would allow you to return to Malaysia. 

However, a fine of RM1,000 will be issued if you lost your passport due to negligence. If it was stolen, an investigation will need to take place. 

Missing family members abroad

If you are ever in the situation where a family member is missing abroad, by providing detailed information of the missing person:

  1. Name
  2. Place/Date of Birth
  3. Details of Malaysian Passport
  4. Identification Card number 
  5. Date of departure from Malaysia
  6. Date of arrival in the particular country 
  7. Subject’s full address and telephone number abroad (if available)
  8. Last known address of workplace (if available)
  9. Name and address of family/ next of kin to be contacted in Malaysia 
  10. Photograph of the missing individual (if available)
Missing Malaysian student while taking a gap year in the United Kingdom.
(Credit: New Straits Time)

The documents should then be presented to the Consular Division, Foreign Affairs Ministry in Malaysia at the following address: 


The Foreign Affairs Ministry will do their best to find your loved one and get them back home safe.

Notarial services

The Malaysian High Commissions works with Malaysian Missions worldwide in providing notarial services.

The High Commissions also offer certifying copies of original documents and witnessing signatures services to applicants.

Different countries may require different documents of authentication. The country you’re visiting may require different documents for authentication, so make sure to do your research beforehand!

This may come in handy for students, married couples and permanent residents to ensure their documents are not fake. The documents that are required are dependent on what the state prioritises and deems as important. 

Arrested/Jailed/Died abroad

Touchwood, if a family member happens to be incarcerated or passed away in a foreign country. To get more information regarding the situation, here is the information you need:

  1. Detailed information of subject (name, passport no., etc.)
  2. Date of arrest/ death
  3. Cause of arrest/ death (if available)
  4. Location of arrest/death (if available)
  5. Name and telephone number of that can be contacted
Memorial site for victims of the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand.
(Credit: Malay Mail)

Sidenote: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs categorise embassies as diplomatic missions sent to non-Commonwealth countries and High Commissions as diplomatic missions sent to Commonwealth countries.

Here are the contacts you SHOULD have on speed dial when you leave the country.

Consular Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia
Telephone: +603 – 8000 8000

After office hours:
Telephone: +603 8000 800

These is where you can find the Malaysian Missions’ location worldwide.

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