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Driving This Festive Season? You Might Wanna Consider Getting A SOCAR

Driving This Festive Season? You Might Wanna Consider Getting A SOCAR

Let’s face it, most of us working adults own a small cheap car. And while a small cheap car is actually a perfect car for city driving, it’s not the number one choice for those who need to drive long distances with lots of people.

But have you ever realised that you actually have options? Like…renting a different car?

We rent rooms and apartments all the time. Why not a car? Especially since now you can do it easily through an app on your phone.

If you haven’t ever heard of SOCAR yet, they’re those cars with the huge SOCAR logo on them parked at special parking spaces in Petronas.

(Credit: Soya Cincau)

So, how SOCAR works is, you just download and register on their app, then you select a time and date when you need to use the car, and also the type of car that you want.

Then you head on over to the location of the car according to the zone specified. You’ll see the car you’ve chosen nicely chilling there. 

Then you simply unlock the car using the app, get into it and literally drive off.

All rental prices are inclusive of a full tank of petrol and insurance coverage.

Currently, SOCAR has 2,000 zones available throughout Malaysia, located at 52 Petronas stations in Klang Valley, Johor, and Penang. Which makes picking one up and returning it a complete breeze.

If you don’t have the means to travel to the car, you can have it come right to your doorstep via SOCAR2U (though this service applies to select locations across the Klang Valley only).

People using SOCAR appear to be really happy (Credit: SOCAR/Facebook)

If you’ve never used the service before, or are familiar with it already, now is the best time to use the service because they’re having a bunch of year-end promotions.


Credit: (SOCAR)

If you use GrabPay (but for reals though, who doesn’t?), you can earn 500 Grabrewards points when you use GrabPay for the first time as your payment option on the SOCAR app.

This promo is valid until 31st January 2020

*Grabrewards points will only be credited on the 6th of the month after you make the booking (so either on 6th January or on 6th February).


(Credit: Hong Leong)

Using either a Hong Leong Bank or Citibank card as your payment methods on the app gets you 15% off your booking fee.

This promo is also valid until 31 January 2020

*This promotion is capped to RM80 ringgit and limited to only one redemption per day. But realistically, who would book two different SOCARs in a day…?

So, turns out you aren’t really stuck with just the option of driving that little car parked in your parking lot after all, huh?

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