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Marie Kondo’s Online Shop Sparks Joy (For Her Bank Account) But M’sians Unimpressed

Marie Kondo’s Online Shop Sparks Joy (For Her Bank Account) But M’sians Unimpressed

Marie Kondo is playing the long game.

The organising consultant and author of the popular The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up became a household name when reality TV show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo aired on Netflix.

Since then, “KonMari” has turned into a cultural phenomenon, sparking discussion on obsessive consumerism and materialism, while also spawning memes on the side.

Image result for this does not spark joy meme
Picture credit: Reddit

Now, almost a year after the debut of her Emmy-nominated Netflix show with Christmas on the horizon, she’s announced the next new thing: the Marie Kondo online shop.

You would think that the revered organizational guru would be selling, at the very least, organizational materials.

Well… Kinda.
(Picture credit: KonMari)

Now that we’ve thrown away all the things that don’t spark joy in our lives, she’s looking to fill in those empty spaces again with $50 (~RM200) organizational trays and $30 (~RM120) food containers… among other things.

Tuning forks are essential for the KonMari household.
(Picture credit: KonMari)

Marie Kondo is now also partners with Rakuten, Japan’s largest ecommerce site, to push her merchandise to the global market.

Not quite the kitchen utensils we are looking for.
(Picture credit: KonMari)

And of course, Malaysians are quick to point out that you can buy almost identical items at a much cheaper price elsewhere.

Why IKEA when you can Mr DIY?

Whether or not her online store performs well is another matter altogether, but Marie Kondo has certainly managed to pull a fast one on us: rid your house of junk, and then buy her $75 (~RM300) crystals.

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