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Meet entrepreneurs at M’sia’s biggest startup party at Kyo next week

Meet entrepreneurs at M’sia’s biggest startup party at Kyo next week

Connections in business is critical. Who you know, and who knows you, matters. It’s how you ensure you have reliable suppliers, partners, mentors, and even customers!

But what if you’re just starting out? Where do you find fellow entrepreneurs and business-minded people?

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there already a space with Malaysian entrepreneurs that you could join and start networking immediately?

Well, that’s what Lingesh and Ganesh, both entrepreneurs, aimed to create for the community when they started DrinkEntrepreneurs.

Lingesh (left) and Ganesh (middle) started DrinkEntrepreneurs to connect the Malaysian entrepreneurial community.

The idea behind the social event is to connect the entrepreneurial community in Malaysia over drinks in a comfortable, casual environment.

The biggest startup party of the year is open to all, whether you only have a bright idea or already have a startup running. Come and meet fellow entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, media agencies, and bloggers to get your name out there.

Startups like Fave, iflix, dahmakan, and more will be there together with venture capitalists, government agencies, accelerators, and professionals.

700 tickets have already been snapped up within the first 72 hours, so don’t hesitate to get your own and rub shoulders with the all the key players in the ecosystem.

Meet, drink, and party- for your entrepreneurial dreams, of course.

If you are wanting to build something new and shake up the world, then the Drinkentrepreneurs party is where you should be at next Thursday, 14th November.

Head down to Kyo at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KLCC to meet fellow entrepreneurs in a casual setting and quickly gain a network of entrepreneurs!

Register for your spot now at

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