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9 M’sian Cities Will Be Underwater By 2050 Due To Rising Sea Levels

9 M’sian Cities Will Be Underwater By 2050 Due To Rising Sea Levels

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We’ve talked about global climate heating and how Malaysia will face unprecedented climate changes within the next 30 years.

Now, Malaysian-based research firm Centre for Governance and Political Studies (Cent-GPS) has run a digital simulation of how that would affect the country in concrete terms.

The results are worrying. Cent-GPS shows that 9 major states will be affected and have parts of land below sea level by 2050.

This includes:
1. Perlis
2. Kedah
3. Penang
4. Perak
5. Negeri Sembilan
6. Teregganu
7. Pahang
8. Kelantan
9. Sarawak

The rising sea levels also means that Malaysian shores will shrink.

Port Klang might as well be Atlantis.
We will get new islands in Kedah.
Most of Bagan Serai will be underwater too.
And while Penang island will still be around, they will lose a lot of the mainland.

Rising sea levels are a huge concern globally, which happens as the much hotter climate causes glaciers to melt, the oceans expand, and ice sheets to lose ice.

This is only part of the impact that the climate crisis will have on the country.

As of now, researchers are still trying to map out the full effects of climate change, but we Malaysians should stay alert and work towards a sustainable environment regardless.

See the full Twitter thread by Cent-GPS below.

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