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Buying a car is like getting into a relationship; Here’s how you find the right match

Buying a car is like getting into a relationship; Here’s how you find the right match

Buying a car can be compared to getting into a relationship. It’s an investment and a commitment that would literally take you to the places you want and need to be.

And just like a relationship, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

So whether you’re jumping into your first, or upgrading to something better (*uhuk uhukk…) choosing the right kind of partner for the journey to your destination can be tough if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Here’s some advice to help you find the perfect match;

Light and breezy

If you’re the type of person who’s always going with the flow. Someone who likes things casual, light and breezy. Then a Hatchback can be the perfect partner for you.

(Image Credit: Hyundai)

Hatchbacks are the ideal companion for those who aren’t too concerned about being flashy or looking to spend a whole lot on nurturing a bond.

They’re small, speedy, comfortable and most importantly, a reliable partner to take you from point A to B. Great for those who find joy in the most simple things.

It’s the type of car for the “wanna have dinner at the mamak?” or “let’s just stay in and chill today” kinda people.

More modern hatchbacks also come with novel, liberal features like an eco-friendly hybrid engine and a set of smart sensors to help you navigate the twist and turns of life.

Dating to marry

But if you’re someone with a more serious mindset. The kind of person who plans for every single eventuality and likes to weigh in on every single decision that you make. Then a Sedan is your best bet for a solid, dependable companion.

(Image Credit: Hyundai)

Sedans are ostentatious and are made to be shown off. The people who drive sedans are not only thinking about how economical and comfortable the ride will be, but are always seeking for that extra thrill at life’s many intersections.

It’s for the “I got tickets to that artist you love” and the “I made you some chicken soup” type of person.

(Image Credit: Hyundai)

Partnering up with a sedan gives you both convenience and versatility. Being able to switch between multiple driving modes to keep you at the very edge of your seats and prepared for anything that might cross your path.

Till death do us part

For the hardier and resolute types. The ones whose passion and sense of commitment define who they are and drive them to strive for the best, most lavish things that life can offer. Then nothing but an SUV can satisfy your hearts true desires.

(Image Credit: Hyundai)

SUVs are audacious, eye-catching and driven by those who are unafraid to spend a little more in order to make a bold statement.

These vehicles provide the ultimate sense of luxury and an unsurpassed level of comfort that takes everyone’s pleasure and entertainment into consideration.

Getting an SUV inspires true and unswerving connection. To always be ready and unfazed by any bumps that may lie on the road ahead.

Made for the “I’ll take you to wherever you want to go” or the “no one but you can complete me} romantics out there.

It’s a durable, dependable machine for those who are constantly looking for an adventure at every turn and prepared to go All Wheel Drive on the off-roads of existence.

(Image Credit: Hyundai)

So how about it? Are you ready to leap into that life long commitment?

If you already have an eye on the perfect type of partner, then take advantage of the Hyundai Year End Bonanza to get amazing cash rebates and loads of amazing accessories worth up to RM12,000 for your choice of companion.

Visit Hyundai’s official website or any of their showrooms nationwide to find your dream match today.

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