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Interactive video “BLINK” helps Msia’s elderly find family again in their final years

Interactive video “BLINK” helps Msia’s elderly find family again in their final years

Anne Dorall

A study conducted in 2017 placed more than 9% of the population as elderly, which is around 2.8 million Malaysians.

Of that number, a whole 30% of the elderly either live alone or with their elderly spouse. That means 1 in 3 elderly persons do not have a caregiver living with them.

This is a steep increase in just a decade, as the reported number of elderly people living alone or with their elderly spouse was at just 14.7% in 2004.

Currently, the workforce may find it difficult to take a few hours out of their busy day to visit their elderly parents. Where do we find the time in between deadlines and projects?

A lot of us might take our parents’ part in our lives for granted.

Do you look at them properly when you see them, and realise how much they’ve aged? How much time do we really have left with them?

To raise awareness of the time that passes us by, funeral service providers Xiao En collaborated with Directors Think Tank x SOOTH Inc. and Bonsey Jaden x Imaginary Friends.

Their new immersive virtual experience takes you on a time-skip journey with each BLINK of an eye.

BLINK is a unique short film that utilizes proprietary facial recognition technology to show how time flies. The video shows a middle-aged man grow older each time you blink, eventually ending with a pointedly vacant chair.

Picture credit: BLINK

It’s a stark reminder of how many of us watch our loved ones age day by day as we sit passively by them.

How many blinks do we have left? Try it out for yourself.

Picture credit: BLINK

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