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Everything You Know About Eggs Are Wrong: 7 Facts You Need To Know

Everything You Know About Eggs Are Wrong: 7 Facts You Need To Know

The most universally beloved food is probably the humble egg. From roti telur to Maggi goreng tambah telur mata, eggs elevate every Malaysian dish.

Despite how popular flowing poached egg videos are on Instagram, plenty of people are still misteggken about key egg facts, and we’re here to set things straight.

1. Limit yourself to three eggs a week

We believe this is a lie made up by egg-haters to deter us from enjoying the goodness of eggs.

Certainly there should be no limit on the most nutritious food on the planet?

If you scoff at an egg-limit, you’re right. There’s absolutely no reason to eat less delicious eggy goodness. Go ahead and get your tambah telur with pride!

The more telur, the tastier the roti.
(Credit: Pinterest)

2. Egg yolk has high cholesterol

The cholesterol found in eggs does not affect blood cholesterol at all. In fact, egg yolks contain valuable nutrients including Omega-3, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Egg yolk won’t make you fat either! It’s a fantastic source of protein and is low in saturated fat. If anything, it helps you lose weight instead.

You can eat all these eggs and still be fine.
(Credit: NutriPlus)

3. Colour of the egg follows the colour of the chicken

You would assume, logically, that the colors would match- but not necessarily.

Different breeds of chicken lay different colored eggs, but there isn’t a difference between brown or white eggs either.

A brown chicken doesn’t necessarily mean brown eggs.
(Credit: Pixabay)

4. Eggs must be refrigerated

Not in Malaysia. Only a few countries in the world machine-wash eggs, which strips the egg of its natural protective layer. Most Malaysian eggs are not machine-washed, which means they can be kept on the kitchen counter with no problem.

However, keeping your eggs in its original carton in your fridge will help to extend its shelf life and also keep it from absorbing funky odours.

Make sure you’re eating yummy fresh eggs.
(Credit: NutriPlus)

5. Eggs are cruel because they are baby chickens

Not true at all! Chickens lay eggs on their own every day due to the daylight cycle. Commercial eggs are also unfertilised, because the hens and roosters are separated.

Technically, chicken eggs are like the fowl-version of a daily menstrual cycle (instead of a monthly one!).

Mmm… eggs.
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6. Orange egg yolks are better

Did you grow up thinking that the darker the color of the yolk, the better? Actually, the color doesn’t determine the taste or quality of the egg at all.

The color of the yolk is determined by what the chicken eats. If the chicken feed includes marigold, alfalfa, or corn, the yolk will end up dark orange.

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7. Bigger eggs are better

When it comes to eggs, size actually does matter. In short, the more nutrients a hen gets, the bigger her eggs.

Plus, most recipes call for large eggs, so you can get a better-tasting dish at the end of the day with a larger egg.

Plus, the Jumbo comes in either 6- or 10-packs!
(Credit: Nutriplus)

We love eggs, especially when they’re locally-farmed and nutritious. Treat yourself to eggy goodness with NutriPlus Jumbo eggs this World Egg Day! Ps. thanks NutriPlus for sharing the egg love!

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