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Love ghosts, haunted houses & all things spooky? M’sia’s BIGGEST Halloween fear festival is BACK at Sunway Lagoon!

Love ghosts, haunted houses & all things spooky? M’sia’s BIGGEST Halloween fear festival is BACK at Sunway Lagoon!

Kirat Kaur

Do you know what month it is?

Yes, it’s October. The spookiest month of the year.

The best month for Malaysians tbh. We grew up hearing so many tales of orang minyaks, pontianaks and orang bunians that sharing “how-not-to-get-haunted” tips is a national habit.

So if you’re one of the brave hearted ones who LOVE ghosts, haunted houses and all things spooky…

Malaysia’s SCARIEST Halloween festival is BACK in Sunway Lagoon!

You heard that right, Nights of Frights returns for the 7th year to send shivers down your spine in Malaysia’s BIGGEST festival of fear.

Here’s 5 hair raising fear factors that you can look forward to at Nights of Frights 7 (NOF7):

1. Scary shark du du du du du

No baby sharks, but all scary sharks here at SHARKNADO

Yes, Sharknado as in that ridiculous horror/comedy movie
about a tornado of sharks is now a themed attraction at NOF7.

It’s the world’s FIRST Sharknado walk-through themed attraction. So you’ll get to be part of the elite horror/comedy fans to experience the absurdity of sharks dropping in from nowhere to rip your limbs apart on a Hollywood soundstage.

Good luck getting the Baby Shark tune out of your head though.
Sorry not sorry!

Killer Fashion

Apparently serving looks CAN kill in the Horrorjuku in UV3D haunted house.

A replica of the deadly Angoscia fashion house, it relives the infamous tales of the models who disappeared after modelling for the Italian designer’s Harajuku Gothic designs.

Image for illustration purposes only.
(Credit: Satoko Kawasaki/The Japan Times)

So be prepared for lifeless, doe-eyed beauties whose souls now haunt the mannequins to haunt YOU!

Meet Pennywise IRL

You screamed yourself hoarse in movie theatres and spilled
popcorn everywhere at the jump scares.

But that was from the safe comfort of a cinema hall. Now, you can meet the Hollywood horrors in real life at the Horrorwood Studiosfor an ACTUAL jumpscare!

Credit: Sunway Lagoon

Try not to wet yourself when you meet Ghost Face, Freddy Krueger or Pennywise, ok!

Walk of fear…

Put your Malaysian fear of snatch thieves to good use while walking on the street at the Scare Zones.

While walking towards Pennywise in Horrowood Studios, you’ll
have to go through Slasher Street where some of Holloywood’s most famous
killers lay waiting for their next victim (pretty much like a snatch thief

Credit: Sunway Lagoon

These reflexes will be put to the test again as zombie pirates
and sirens try to lure you to your doom at Siren’s Cove.

Horror shows

We get it, with so much scaring happening, your pounding
heart needs a break. Which is why there’s a slew of horror shows taking place
throughout the night.

Mummies, magic, evil spirits and even an art rave for all
you spooky fans to jump about in excitement (instead of fear)!

Altogether, NOF7 has 8 haunted houses, 1 haunted
, 2 scare zones, 11 thrilling rides and 2 show

That’s a LOT happening for just a RM79 ticket that also comes with a Blood Bag or Devil’s Horn. But if you want to beat the queues with an express pass, the Combo Package will rescue you at only RM158 (which includes admission and gift).

Face your biggest fear every Friday to Sunday night from 7.30pm to 11.30pm at Sunway Lagoon this month. NOF7 will scare its last on 3rd November 2019.

So go get the tickets to Malaysia’s BIGGEST festival of fear HERE!

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