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7 awesome things that make any M’sian smile

7 awesome things that make any M’sian smile

Hakim Hassan

Turn that frown upside down because today is National Smile Day!

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To commemorate this wonderful day, we’ve listed down 7 things confirm would make any Malaysian smile!

1. Free Gifts when you purchase something!

Everybody loves a surprise every now and then, and getting a free gift after spending your hard-earned cash? Even better!

Talking about unexpected things…

2. Getting extra food when you order some food/McDonald’s!

An extra egg on our nasi lemak, or ordering a 6-piece McNuggets and finding out that they added an extra, hidden McNugget in the box?

That would make anybody smile!

3. PM announcing special Public Holidays after sporting events

When it comes to sporting events where Malaysian athletes are in the finals and end up winning, it would be a joyous occasion for us Malaysians as they’ve made us proud in the international stage.

And you know what usually comes up on the next day? Public holidays!

Now you can relax for a day after a night filled with screaming to support your favourite athletes!

4. That time when the petrol prices go down!

Even if only 10 or 20 cents, hearing news that petrol prices have gone down means being able to save extra money (or spend on something else), and that’s always welcomed!

5. Finding a parking spot at a place where it’s crowded

You know the feeling, going around in circles, trying to find a nice parking spot that doesn’t require you to walk so far to the entrance, and then, it happens, the spot reveals itself to you.

This is even sweeter if it’s a crowded parking lot where finding spaces is almost impossible.

6. When it suddenly rains before snoozing

You know that feeling when you’re about to hit the hay, and then you suddenly hear thunder in the distance. Next thing you know, it starts to drizzle.

That’s when you’re sure you’ll definitely get a good night’s rest because it’s going to rain!

7. When a friend belanja makan (especially when you’re broke)

We all have those days when it’s almost the end of the month, and a lot of money has been spent on the important things (bills, cat food, those RM300 wireless earphones that you’ve been drooling over the past 6 months)… and you’re sort of broke.

Then the phone rings and your friend says, “wanna grab a bite? On me bro”


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