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Motorcyclist crashes because she wore her jacket backwards [Video]

Motorcyclist crashes because she wore her jacket backwards [Video]

Motorcyclists often wear jackets when riding as windbreakers to shield themselves from water droplets (like rain) hitting them painfully in the chest.

Often, these jackets can be seen worn unzipped and back to front with the edges of the jacket flapping in the wind. This avoids their jackets from ballooning as they ride.

Picture credit: Paul Tan

However, it turns out that wearing jackets this way on motorcycles can be VERY DANGEROUS.

A video of a motorcyclist getting into a NEAR FATAL ACCIDENT was shared recently on Facebook.

In the video, the motorcyclist’s jacket caught in the rear tyre of her motorcycle.

The victim, who appears to be in a nurse’s uniform, was pulled head first backwards and downwards toward the rear tyre causing her head to slam onto the road.

Picture credit: Facebook

According to the post, her jacket wrapped around her neck during the accident and strangled her causing her to also pass out. 

Thankfully, the car behind her managed to stop in time and the driver and passersby immediately got out to help unravel the jacket from her tyre to free her.

They also performed CPR on her as they waited for the ambulance to pick her up.

Picture credit: Facebook

The post, which advised people to avoid wearing their jackets back to front quickly went viral with many social media users tagging their friends and family members.

At the time of writing, it had 2K comments and 3.7K shares.

Don’t wear jackets like this.
Picture credit: Facebook

We sincerely hope the nurse is alive and recovering well from her accident.

In the meantime, we urge our readers to ride safely and share this article with their loved ones!

You can check out the full Facebook post below:

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