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5 best indoor plants to combat the haze for any gardening beginner

5 best indoor plants to combat the haze for any gardening beginner

Congratulations, Malaysia is the #1 most air-polluted country in the world!

Yes, it sucks to be stuck in the smog of haze but this is actually the best time to invest in an unbeatable air purifier.


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No need for monthly installments on a whirring machine when you can simply deck your house with easy-to-care-for plants (that your family probably have already).

Plus, it instantly lends such a chic ambiance to your house/room/office!

Here’s the 5 best ones for purifying air that are also super simple to obtain and maintain!

1. Snake plant

Effort score: 1/10
Snake plants can survive being forgotten for weeks on end and still look fresh. They are great indoor plants because they can survive low light levels and have very little insect problems too.

2. Money Plant

Effort score: 1/10
Chuck a stem cutting into a bottle of water and it will grow on its own. It does look nicer if it is given some support to grow upwards, however.

3. Areca Palm

Effort score: 2/10
You would need to find a nice place to put the plant as it cannot tolerate direct sunlight. A bright corner with indirect sunlight would be ideal. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

4. Spider plant

Effort score: 1/10
Spider plants enjoy being in a pot and like bright, indirect sunlight. Let the soil dry between waterings and you’re good to go.

5. Rubber plant

Effort score: 3/10
These plants can grow rather tall so you may need bigger pots. Give it a bright corner with indirect sunlight and keep the soil moist.

The best part? All these plants are PET SAFE and extremely easy to find in Malaysia.

(Please do note that spider plants act like a catnip-hallucinogen for your cat, but it’s still safe.)

If you want to start your own mini-garden and breathe easier, step into your closest plant nursery or join local Facebook groups such as Plants & Gardens (Malaysia) or Plant Swag (Swap/Gift).

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