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Malaysians miss the prices of food in 2014

Malaysians miss the prices of food in 2014

Ah, 2014. Doesn’t feel that too long ago now, right? The Samsung S3 was still considered one of the latest phones, How I Met Your Mother’s finale was finally going to be aired, and the world mostly felt like a simpler place. 

One thing that Twitter user Safwans562 especially missed was KFC— or more accurately, the price of it 5 years ago. At a glance, it seems pretty insane!

To think that our favourite fried chicken “Snack Plate” was once only RM9.95?!

Wow, we wish we could relate to that now! Unfortunately, reality bites back in the form of newly increased prices which are nowhere as affordable as it used to be… 🙁

Twitterzens brought out comparisons of getting KFC in 2019 and just reading these hurt our wallets…

Last night’s KFC, I paid RM27 instead of RM53 because foodpanda had a promo.

The fact that expenses are rising in Malaysia is not something fun to ponder about at all. As the years go by, it seems like it’s getting more and more expensive to live in this beautiful country we call our home. No longer can we afford to treat ourselves to the luxuries of fried chicken as often as we’d like. 

However, one thing’s for sure; we all agree with this user!

So cheap! I want to cry, my taste buds never appreciated the price of KFC before this.

Well, if anyone knows where to get a time machine— we’ll be interested in taking a few. Looks like those days are well past us now. 

Article by Leyasheena Panicker

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