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Local NGO uses social media to reduce stray dogs in Klang Valley!

Local NGO uses social media to reduce stray dogs in Klang Valley!

Stray dogs are not just an eyesore, they’re also really scary when they live in packs and bark at you while you’re crossing the street.

Stray dogs get a bad rep in Malaysia for being unclean and violent, when the sad reality is that they’re only like that because we humans treat them so badly.

Thankfully, My Forever Doggo is working to help these poor strays!

The non-profit and shelter-neutral online service is working to increase the number of dog adoption rates at animal shelters across the Klang Valley. 

Picture credit: Facebook/My Forever Doggo

How do they do this? 

They’ve basically set up an Instagram account as an easy online catalogue for people to browse for cute dogs available for adoption!

Picture credit: Instagram/myforeverdoggo

The dogs featured are from local pounds and shelters like PAWS, SPCA, and independent rescuers.

My Forever Doggo collaborates with them and photographs the dogs available for adoption to help raise awareness.

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Reggie and Ronnie are very active, loving and a whole lot of boisterous fun! . Think back to a time when you and your brother (or sister) would spend hours playing konda-kondi or kejar-kejar. . After that, you'd balik rumah and kena marah, right? Well, Reggie and Ronnie are just like that, but at the moment they don't have a Mama or Papa to balik to… . Reggie and Ronnie just can't be separated. They thrive on each other and love each other so much and it's been that way for 4 years. They complete each other, and now they need YOU to guide, care for and love them for who they are. . Take both of them bros home. Surely they would be attached to you like how they’re attached to one another 🐶❤️🐶🥰 . Ready to adopt? Drop us a PM to arrange for a visit. Also, tag a friend who needs a pair of Reggie and Ronnie in their life. . #myforeverdoggo #adoptnotshop #dogsofinstagram #dogadoption Age: 4 years old Gender: males Size: medium smalls

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Why do they do this?

My Forever Doggo wanted to address the continuously increasing number of stray and abandoned dogs as well as the low rate of dog adoptions at shelters.

Based on their research, the low rates of adoption was simply because the public wasn’t aware all these dogs looking for homes.

This was due to the fact that the public wasn’t visiting the shelters because they were out of the way and because some patrons had bad experiences there.

The truth is, stray, abandoned or sold, all dogs deserve a happy life in a good home. They are gentle protective animals who should be loved and cared for.

If you’re interested in adopting one of the dogs on their page, visit their Facebook or Instagram and send them a DM!

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