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Ipoh woman becomes clown on weekends to feed stray animals & pay for their medical bills

Ipoh woman becomes clown on weekends to feed stray animals & pay for their medical bills

Kirat Kaur

Clowns have not necessarily had the best reputations, from
terrifying us as kids to terrifying us as adults (Pennywise, anyone?)

But Nazirah Abd Rahman proves to us that clowns are not all
that scary. In fact, they’re harbingers of joy and hope. Well, this one anyway.

She dresses up as a clown on weekends to feed stray animals and pay for their medical bills!

Credit: MALAY MAIL/Farhan Najib

The 42-year-old Ipohan’s alter ego is called “Mama Pinky”- a
jolly jester who performs and sells brightly coloured balloons of all sizes at
a local café in Taman Jubilee.

Credit: MALAY MAIL/Farhan Najib

Why does she spend her weekends clowning around for strays?

The answer is simple- pure empathy.

“I really feel sympathy for them. Unlike humans, they can’t tell whether they are hungry or in pain.”

Nazirah Abd Rahman via Malay Mail.

Her tender heart cannot stand the sight of an animal in pain, so she does whatever she can to help the voiceless creatures.

Credit: Facebook

“Whenever I find stray cats or dogs, I will feed them and if they are wounded, I will bring them to the veterinarian.”

Nazirah Abd Rahman via Malay Mail.

Nazirah tells Malay Mail that she has been on this “rescue
mission” for over four years with around 50 cats in her home!

Before she became Mama Pinky, there wasn’t much she could do
for the hapless strays. Once the face paint came on however, she could care for
more creatures AND give them proper medical care.

Nazirah and her three kids have cared for those with broken limbs, festering wounds and even creatures that have died!

“Whenever they find any injured animals, they will bring back home so that they can be treated. Even if the animals are dead, they bring them back home and bury them.”
“However, if they found any injured or dead dogs on the road, they will help bring them to the veterinarian or bury them somewhere near.”

Nazirah Abd Rahman via Malay Mail.

It’s so wholesome right? But this isn’t easy for Nazirah to do though.

She estimates that it takes about RM400 a week to care for her cats and strays.

That’s RM 1,600 a month just to help the animals!

While the amount may not seem too bad to some of us fortunate
ones, it’s a sizeable amount for the kind soul who works as a beauty consultant
at a shopping complex in Ipoh.

After work, she rides about 20kms home to Batu Gajah, quickly slaps on the face paint and silly costume before riding back into Ipoh to perform at Konda Kondi Cafe & Bistro.

Credit: Facebook

She entertains patrons for two hours every weekend night until 11pm.

Then, she hops on her trusty motorcycle and goes for a spin
around the streets of Ipoh to feed the strays. Her nights usually end around

Credit: Facebook

We’re truly inspired by Nazirah’s story and we hope that it
inspires you too!

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