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M’sians united by 8tv touching love story between mother and daughter

M’sians united by 8tv touching love story between mother and daughter


All over Twitterjaya is a short trailer; Back To You, a telefilm scheduled to air on 8tv this Merdeka Day.

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Back To You revolves around a mother, Xiu Min, who had to give one of her twins away due to financial constraints and her husband’s insistence.

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28 years later, Xiu Min’s son (the other twin) looks for his twin sister.

Eventually, he finds his sister, Sofia, who was brought up culturally and religiously different from their family.

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Xiu Min, although shocked by her daughter’s appearance and inability to speak Mandarin, becomes determined to learn Bahasa Malaysia in order to connect with her estranged daughter.

This story sets heavily around the endless love of a mother transcending cultures and religion.

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The 2-minute trailer currently has nearly 20,000 retweets and 16,600 likes within 24 hours, the Twitterverse is definitely emotional.

Many Malaysians hope that other local directors will also follow suit in creating more movies like this.

Hopefully more directors…producers, content like this, which are closer to our community. Most movies are like ticking time bombs. Hopefully this kind of telemovie will reminds us how unique we are as Malaysian

While some Malaysians shared their intercultural family stories too.

@RezElefun: This is the same story as the my late grandmother. She was given to a Malay family for adaption. My late grandmother had 13 siblings, but she was the onyl one that was given away to a Malay family.

Back To You has now even sparked curiosity among Twitter users who are inspired to find their biological family as well.

Watch the whole trailer here:

So mark your calendars and get a box of tissues ready this Merdeka Day at 8.30pm!

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