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The Mazda3 New Era Isn’t For Everyone. Here’s Why It’s A Good Thing

The Mazda3 New Era Isn’t For Everyone. Here’s Why It’s A Good Thing

Anne Dorall

The all-new Mazda3 New Era is turning heads with its gorgeous new look. The car looks like what you would see at the Pavilion valet parking, pulling up to a mansion in Bukit Damansara, or cruising through the streets of Putrajaya.

The car boasts an almost complete design overhaul from the exterior to the interior, fully embracing the Jinba-ittai philosophy of “one-ness with the car”.

This philosophy is why the new Mazda 3 is fully engineered to provide the ultimate driving experience. You’re not just buying a vehicle – the car becomes an extension of your person.

Which is also why the Mazda3 comes with a starting price tag of RM140K. This can be a daunting number for most, but for those of you who can afford it, you’re buying more than just a car.

(Credit: Bermaz Motors)

The driver-centric experience

The all-new Mazda 3 focuses on making the car so comfortable every ride is pure enjoyment. From the shape of the seats to the layout of the dashboard, Mazda has done everything possible to make the Mazda 3 an ultimate pleasure to drive.

1. Overhauled interior

The interior is sleek and luxurious, with plenty of leather accents and a premium feel.

The driver-centric car reduces visual noise by changing their layout to the dashboard.

(Credit: Bermaz Motors)

They’ve upgraded the console box for secure storage to be big enough to fit tablets and other items for the professional on-the-go.

The Mazda3 also comes with an Active Driving Display projection on the windscreen in full color. Essentially, you have a holograph overlying, but not obstructing, your field of vision.

Wanna know what Iron Man feels like? This is how Iron Man feels like.

(Credit: Jayse Hansen)

2. Brand new exterior:

Mazda has also embraced the Japanese philosophy- KODO, or “soul of motion”- in their car designs. The Mazda3 New Era is taut and quietly powerful, like a wild animal waiting to leap into a sprint.

The design is meant to imbue the car with soul and elegance, a must-have for those who can handle its strength.

(Credit: Bermaz Motors)

3. Be one with the force

Mazda has tweaked almost every aspect of the new car, which translates to a stronger, more flexible chassis and the ergonomic, sporty design gives you a smoother drive.

The new technology optimizes the Mazda 3 for the best performance, even for everyday driving and energy efficiency.

For example, the G Vectoring Control Plus technology that allows the car to sense when one wheel needs more power. The car automatically transfers power to the side that needs more traction for better cornering.

Additionally, the iActivesense safety features make driving a breeze, even during frustrating traffic conditions like in the heart of KL.

(Credit: Bermaz Motors)

Most fender-benders occur in bumper-to-bumper traffic when everyone is impatient, but the iActivesense has automatic slowing and braking when it detects vehicles ahead of you, so you can be completely assured that you wouldn’t hit another car- even if you zone out for a split second while driving.

4. Driving experience

A lot of thought has gone into ensuring maximum comfort. Most of the changes made to the all-new Mazda 3 aren’t actually visible, and instead influence the driving experience.

The new ergonomic seat is meant to dampen the vibrations from the car and provide balance when driving. This means that long-distance driving isn’t as tiring on your body (or mind!) and driving becomes a much more pleasant experience.

(Credit: Bermaz Motors)

Plus, link your phone to the car seamlessly with the Mazda Connect System. You don’t even have to actually be Iron Man to set it up: it’s super easy.

You will never need to fiddle with your phone dock or pull up Netflix Maps, or turn on your phone’s speaker mode- just sit in the car and let the Mazda3 New Era do the work.

(Credit: Bermaz Motors)

If you’re looking for a luxury ride that is ridiculously comfortable and ergonomic, roll up to the all-new Mazda3 New Era for the drive of your life. We strongly recommend you bring the car for a spin to feel the power of KODO for yourself!

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