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Turns out “legit” is a legit Malay word!

Turns out “legit” is a legit Malay word!

Kirat Kaur

Our parents like to complain that we waste too much time on
the internet.

But hey, sometimes you get to learn interesting things okay!

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Like today, while we were wasting time researching on Reddit, we came across this post on the Malaysia subreddit (r/Malaysia).

Screenshot from Reddit

For some reason, a Redditor wanted to translate the popular English phrase “seems legit” to Malay and Google translated to “nampaknya legit.”

FYI, we tried it for ourselves and got the same results.

Seems like a fluke right? But we did some digging and found out something really interesting…

Turns out, “legit” is a legit Malay word!

According to Dewan Bahasa & Pusataka (DBP) the word is
of Sunda origin that means “sweet and tasty”.

Screenshot from DBP

Not only that, “legit” can also refer to a cake called “lapis
that’s similar to Kek Lapis Sarawak.


This cake is a type of kuih made from rice flour or wheat flour and coconut milk that’s steamed layer by layer.

So the next time you chow down on that delicious Sarawakkian delicacy, feel free to exclaim; “This legit is legit legit!”

Original image: Wadaya

Okay, how to pronounce it properly?


The “g” is a hard g, similar to the pronunciation in “get”.

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If you’re confused, you can just listen to this super expressive Indonesian YouTuber and learn how to make a new kuih as well (ᗒᗊᗕ)!

There you have it, folks! Hope you find this information as interesting as we do and feel free to share the knowledge with your friends.

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