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Study: Malaysians’ biggest fear is getting old, nonetheless we’re prepared for it

Study: Malaysians’ biggest fear is getting old, nonetheless we’re prepared for it

Ipsos, an international giant marketing firm recently ran a survey with about 20,000 respondents from 30 countries, gauging about the Future of Ageing.

It is found that Malaysians place 4th when worrying about the future!

Yup, according to the survey, 62% of Malaysians worry about getting old.

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Another shocking finding in this survey is how we Malaysians consider 56 years old as OLD!

In contrast to countries like Italy, Belgium and most South American countries that think only when reaching 70 is a person old, with Spain scoring the highest at 74.

On average, turning 66 years old is thought to be old.

Guys! We are at least one decade too early!

However, fret not.

We are surveyed to be quite well prepared for our old age

As Malaysia is rated top 10 for ‘Preparedness for Old Age’, ahead of big countries like Canada, US and even Great Britain.

Our country also ranked most confident about our health during the golden years.

With 85% of Malaysian respondents feeling that we would be fit and healthy even when we are old.

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Besides, don’t think we would be a lonely bunch when we get old.

Especially when we Malaysians seem to be friends with people both older and younger than ourselves (says the survey la).

About 49% of the Malaysian respondents have friends 15 years younger than themselves, making us tie with Romania having the highest percentage of young friends.

55% of us, on the other hand, have friends 15 years older than us, making us number 4 amongst the 30 countries in the survey.

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Most importantly, we are the 7th most optimistic about ageing.

47% being hopeful of the future, 6% above the average of 33% among the 20,788 surveys.

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