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How to check if your Netflix Malaysia account has been hacked

How to check if your Netflix Malaysia account has been hacked

Anne Dorall

News of Netflix accounts being hacked has had many subscribers on edge.

Unscrupulous sellers are peddling stolen account logins for as low as RM10 on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms!

So is it possible that there’s a “ghost” on your account sharing your profile? It’s entirely possible, especially if you share your account!

The easiest way to notice “ghosts” is if there are strange activities in your Recently Watched or Continue Watching lists.

However, if everything looks okay on your homepage but you’re still suspicious, there’s a simple way to check your account activity:

Picture credit: TRP

STEP 1: On the app, go into your account.

STEP 2: You will be directed to login again on your browser.

STEP 3: Check your recent device streaming activity under Settings.

Take note that the dates may be correct but the location could be inaccurate.

For example, you could be based in Selangor but the activity shows your location as Perak instead. This is often due to your internet provider routing your device through different networks.

STEP 4: If everything checks out in terms of streaming activity, you can also check for download activity as well.

Check if there are downloads you don’t recognize!
Picture credit: TRP

However, if you see any suspicious activities from other countries that shouldn’t be on the list, then your account has most likely been hacked.

Suspicious activity is pretty easy to spot, even if you share an account with 4 other people.
(Picture credit: TRP)

STEP 5: The moment you suspect that your account has been hacked, sign out of all devices and change the password immediately.

Picture credit: TRP

Remember, you must sign out of all devices as some users opt to have their devices remember the sign-in details for auto-login.

Sometimes, these devices still have access to your account even after a password change if you did not sign out of all devices.

If you are on a shared account, you may want to periodically change your password to keep unwanted “ghosts” off of your profiles.

Stay safe and keep streaming!

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