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Phones in pockets = no more Father’s Day

Phones in pockets = no more Father’s Day

Anne Dorall

The male gender is particularly protective of their nether regions. Their nether regions are also particularly adapted to protect one thing: sperm. (I’m talking about actual biology here okay, guys? Put it away.)

The fact of the matter is that sperm are weak are best kept at 34ºC. The male body goes through a lot of trouble to ensure the sperm is actually kept at that temperate. (Just ask any guy!)

So it might come as worrying news that the one thing you love most in the world might actually cause harm to your sperm. That’s right, boys and men, your handphones are killing your sperm.

Especially for the guys in the room with their bluetooth earphones connected to the phones in their pockets, your sperm is being directly affect by the electromagnetic waves produced by your phone when you make or receive phone calls.

Scientists used semen samples placed about 2.5cm away from a mobile phone (the average distance if your phone was in your pocket). The phone was put into call mode at 850MHz (the average frequency of calls on mobile phones) for an hour.

The number of active swimming sperm was reduced in 47% of the cases.

This means trouble for couples trying to start a family.

Picture credit: Imgflip

Even keeping the phone on a bedside table could lower sperm cell counts.

Professor Gedis Grudzinskas urges men to be cautious about keeping their phones in their pockets all the time. Instead, try to keep it in a shirt pocket or a bag.

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