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9 things curly haired M’sians are tired of hearing

9 things curly haired M’sians are tired of hearing

Tasneem Nazari

As someone who was born with naturally curly hair, this writer has had their fair share of experiences with people who don’t have much knowledge of curly hair. Some questions and statements are reasonable, others are downright rude and unnecessary.


Hopefully our fellow curly-headed Malaysians (cause Malaysian curly is its own thing) will relate to these phrases, as some are all to familiar. The struggle of having curly hair is real, you guys.

1. It’s so messy. Why don’t you straighten it?

Because why would we change something that looks so fabulous?


2. Why don’t you comb/brush your hair?

Because we don’t plan on making Mufasa from The Lion King our inspired look.


3. Is it natural?

Straight haired people legit never get asked this question. Why would you ask us curly haired folks this?


4. Your hair is so big

Your hair so flat.


5. If you cut short confirm become afro right?

No. Malaysian curly hair is very different from the type of curly hair that becomes afros.

This, Malaysian curly:

This, afro curly:

See, different.

6. I thought you were hantu

I thought you were pontianak.

Picture credit: Star2

7. Your hair reminds me of Maggi mee

Your hair reminds me of uncooked spaghetti.

Picture credit: Video Blocks

8.Can I touch it?

No. You can’t.


9. You hair is very frizzy

Excuse me. That’s what baby hair looks like when it’s curly. Of course the short ones will look scraggly and stick out. This isn’t frizz!


BTW, did you guys know that people in foreign countries actually purchase weaves made out of Malaysian curly hair?

A quick search on Pinterest shows curly headed African American women sporting some familiar curls. In the captions are tags of online stores where people can purchase these weaves.

So, if anyone out there ever makes fun of your curly hair, flip that mane and tell them that people pay good money for these curls.


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