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The M’sian First Aid kit guide: 11 MUST-HAVES for the office (but home also can)
Food Panda 10th Birthday Food Panda 10th Birthday

The M’sian First Aid kit guide: 11 MUST-HAVES for the office (but home also can)


Since we Malaysians are a bunch of workaholics who just enjoy going to work, we mustn’t forget we are humans who sometimes get sakit belakang also.

We decided to compile a list of Malaysianised ‘medications’ each office should have to keep that pain away…

Besides the conventional first aid stuff like bandages, cotton wool, and plasters, here are 11 things your office must have!

1. Minyak Cap Kapak

(Pic Credit: Shopee)

Minyak Cap Kapak has that recognisable smell from a mile away (OK maybe 1 metre); Smell it and you’ll instantly know someone somewhere has a headache or a tummy-ache.

2. Tiger Balm

(Pic Credit: Watsons)

Tiger Balm to ease aching muscles, as you spend your day slouched in front of the computer.


3. Yoko Yoko

If applying Tiger Balm didn’t help, maybe you need a muscle-relaxing rub, one of those Yoko Yoko plasters.

You know to relieve that nagging back pain when you just gotta finish that deck.

(Pic Credit: Lazada)

4. Minyak Gamat

For those cuts and ‘bruises’ that you accidentally get when you cepat-cepat want to open those stapled claim forms you have to process.

Or to help heal that blister you are getting on your feet from putting on that new pair of heels.

(Pic Credit: tokopedia)

5. Panadol

Haiyah..It’s so Malaysian to take a panadol for EVERYTHING. Headache a bit, panadol…Feverish a bit, panadol…

No need picture also you can imagine those white pills in the aluminium strips right??


Plus points if your office has the pink panadol for menses!

6. Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun

(Pic Credit: blogspot)

Regardless of race, all Malaysians are familiar with these small black ‘pearls’ that has helped us relieve our diarrhea at some point or rather.

7. Cough meds

Be it cough drops or in syrup form, the office should always have some in stock for that nasty cough.

(Pic Credit:

Don’t want those germs to spread everywhere.

8. Gaviscon

We Malaysians just loveeee food! Potluck season all day every day!

Some more with us being so muhibbah, there’s always a festival we are celebrating; Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Wesak, Vaisakhi, Gawai Dayak and everything la!

So having some milk of magnesia or Eno is good, to keep that heartburn away.

(Pic Credit: dis-chem)

9. Flu meds

To fight that non-stop sneezing frenzy, before you embarrass yourself with flying snot across the board room at that hot stunning crush you have from the international office.


We recommend the non-sleepy ones, ’cause you don’t want to be dozing off at work either .

10. Toothache drops

(Pic Credit: shopee)

Most companies don’t have dental covered in their insurance, so at least having this simple remedy would help a lot!

Besides, who likes to visit the dentist anyway?😨😨

11. Dental Floss

Technically, floss is NOT a first aid thing, but it’s nice to have to minty fresh breath after lunch.


The American Dental Association recommends flossing teeth about 5 times a week. So actually, you can do it at home if it grosses you out to share a roll of floss with your colleagues.


We hope you find this list useful and share with your friends (and boss, wink wink).

Disclaimer: these are all traditional and self-remedies used for minor illnesses, please seek professional medical help if symptoms persist.

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