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Angry ‘Utagha’ man goes off on a rant about stagnant wages in Malaysia

Angry ‘Utagha’ man goes off on a rant about stagnant wages in Malaysia

Tasneem Nazari

Is the Malaysian economy in shambles? We aren’t economists so we wouldn’t really know. But it sure feels that way doesn’t it?

Turns out, a lot of Malaysians feel this way too. Especially this man who went off on a Twitter rant about it.

“So, 19 years ago fried rice cost RM1.50-RM2 and median salary was RM1,500-RM2,000. Now, fried rice costs RM5-RM6.50. So, median salary should be RM5,000-RM6,500 right? I don’t know. My math is bad. But I feel like the cost of things keep rising while salary remains the same”

We have no idea what is going on in Twitter user Si Injang’s (@InjangNation) life. But, man do we #relate!


“And then, we get accused of not knowing how to manage our finances. Meanwhile, the lazy generation, those old bad-mouthers, are all employed by the government, sitting in high positions. They don’t ever retire, they don’t want to learn how to use the computer, they just push their responsibilities onto others while they have houses and several cars.”

“If our salary was paid according to the increase of the cost of living, our generation wouldn’t have to suffer until we can barely afford housing, getting married. Even starting a family has us thinking about the cost. But what has happened, exactly?”


“Housing costs have increased because the cost of materials have increased. But it’s not the cost of housing that’s illogical. It’s our wages that’s illogical. The cost of materials follow that of 2019, but our wages are paid like it’s still the year 2000. Why wouldn’t we be crazy? Young adults are working 2-3 jobs. Yet, we’re still living paycheck to paycheck.”

“Every time I see those GrabFood or foodpanda delivery guys, I always think about how our generation struggles to entertain the greed and whims of the generation before us. We can barely afford to buy one house. Yet, the generation before us can buy one house for each of their kids, plus one more to rent out to us.”


“Therefore, Mahatma Ghandi was right.

“The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed”

If we had the luxury and appropriate wages like the generation before us, we wouldn’t have to work 2-3 jobs just to survive.”


“It’s really illogical to live in 2019 with a salary of RM1,500. It doesn’t make any sense, yet this is the reality of living in these times. Those earning RM3-4k already feel the pinch, imagine those earning RM1,500. How do they feed themselves. And we haven’t even included the cost of medicine yet.”

“Young adults will not survive as long as those who lead us are the old bad-mouthers who are sitting comfortably on their throne, funded by their fat bank accounts. Their wealth would last at least nineteen generations below them. While we’re at the brink of our salary after just a week.”


Twitterjaya was like #PREACHBROTHER!

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