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A primary school in Kelantan grows mushrooms for extra cash makes over RM15,000

A primary school in Kelantan grows mushrooms for extra cash makes over RM15,000


Over the past year, the Parent Teacher Association of SK Bakong in Bachok, Kelantan had pioneered mushroom cultivation in the state to help generate additional income for the school.

They started with only two types of magic mushrooms; grey oysters and split gills.


The mushrooms found home in an old canteen building that was modified into a mushroom farm.

With about 5,000 bags of grey oyster mushrooms and 500 bags of split gill mushrooms, the project took off in May 2018 and has since expanded to 10,000 bags of grey oysters.

(Pic Credit: Star)

It is reported that parents monitor the temperature and humidity of the shelter twice a day to make sure the fungi are in good condition.

Generally, grey oysters are the easiest mushrooms to grow. Within 2 months, you can already grow 3 crops of mushrooms.


It is estimated that they produce about 15kgs of grey oysters a day, which are then sold at RM10 per kg in Pasar Jelawat to wholesalers.

The split gill mushroom harvested only for 2 months (April to May), on the other hand, was sold at RM40 per kg!

Parents and teachers weighing and packing the mushrooms to be sold
(Pic Credit: Berita Harian)

Grey oysters are also medicinal and nutritional. They help boost immunity and are rich in protein.

So on top of making some moolah, they chose the right type of mushrooms, alright.

(Pic Credit: jokejive)

More schools around Kelantan now plan to follow suit.

Though wonder we why the students didn’t help out…

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