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Malaysians impressed by twist in Thai PSA advert

Malaysians impressed by twist in Thai PSA advert


Being part of Asean, we are all well aware of the ability thatThai advertisements have to make us LOL or tug at at our heartstrings.


Sermsin, is a shortfilm maker from Thailand who tries to raise awareness on community issues like cleanliness and caring for the less fortunate through videos.

He is so well known that he has over 356,000 subscribers on YouTube.

However, you should watch his 3 minute 27 second video about a man and his best friend. In this video, you can see how emotionally and physically dependent a man can be on his best friend.

Who is this best friend? Watch the video till the end to find out.

Malaysians have also caught this video on Twitterjaya, courtesy of @Ad212ulL who shared it on his timeline.

Twitterjaya has of course retweeted this video over 30,000 times and it has been liked 17,457 times.

The initial reaction to this video were applauds.

Its so deep 😂😂😂 the plot twist pehhhh

It’s more than I expected


Whilst some who just love to speculate things, started…well speculating.

I really thought it was a gay video 😂

But most important of all, some have decided to answer to the ad’s call to quit smoking.

Tomorrow I’ll quit smoking.

Many wanted the full video because it had been split in half on Twitter.

That’s why we shared it from the original source on Youtube, btw.

Another example of a heartwarming video he made awhile back integrated the importance of children in community activities.

We hope this video moved you, too. Sometimes it just takes one advertisement to make all the difference.

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