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5 fun things to do to pick up a cool new hobby

5 fun things to do to pick up a cool new hobby

Sometimes, life starts to get boring. Your schedules start looking the same. You don’t know what brings you joy anymore. You text your friends about hanging out but they are all “too lazy”.


If you’re restless and looking for something new and fun to do…
We’ve compiled a list of the best cool events so you will always be able to try something new! Plus your friends won’t have excuses to not hang out anymore…

So here are reasons for you to roll out from bed and actually take a shower to go out this weekend.

KL Book Exchange

The KL Book Exchange is well-known by book aficionados. The idea is easy: swap your book for another book!

Picture credit: KL Book Exchange Facebok page

The book exchange corner is set up every 1st Sunday of the month, in Taman Desa in the mornings and in Sunway Velocity Shopping Mall in the afternoons.

Their sister location in Penang is set up every 3rd Sunday of the month in Beach Street, Georgetown.


This is one of the best places to refresh your bookshelf without spending a ton. Plus, there’s nothing like a fresh new book to get you back into a reading mood.

Visit their website here:

De Zwaardkring Malaysia

If you enjoy something more hands-on, try your hand at Historical European Martial Arts. Grapple, thrust, and smack your way into history just like how knights and soldiers fought in medieval Europe.

Picture credit: De Zwaardkring Malaysia

It’s the best place to make new friends, then stab them. (No one will blame you for it too!)

They hold classes in SS15 and Bangsar weekly. Check out their Facebook page here for a first free trial class!

Get On Board

Get on board the board game train and visit Malaysia’s coolest board game cafes with a group of board game lovers!

Picture credit: Get On Board Facebook page

Cafe-hop and game-hop through numerous different board games. With a new cafe, new board game, and new faces each week, you’ll never feel board!

Check out their Facebook page here to get on board!

Riuh In The City

Riuh is a monthly creative platform that often includes art, bazaar, workshops, showcases, and performances.

They work closely with local artists and small business owners to bring you a truly Malaysian experience.

Picture credit: Riuh Facebook page

Each month is hosted at a new place with a new theme, so follow their Facebook page here to stay up-to-date!

Free Tree Society

The NGO cultivates a love of plants and greenery in a beautiful little corner house hidden away in Bangsar.

They take seeds, sprout them, grow them, and then give them away for free in conjunction with environmental holidays.

Picture credit: Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur Facebook page

Volunteer for a session with them on Tuesdays or Saturdays to get in touch with Mother Earth and learn how to take care of plants.

No experience is necessary, but contact them on their Facebook page for volunteer slots.

Think we missed out on other cool things to do or have your own events coming up? Drop us a message on our Facebook page or email us at

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