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US news site’s shocking MH370 article met with criticisms for reviving hijacking theory and heavy blame on Malaysia

US news site’s shocking MH370 article met with criticisms for reviving hijacking theory and heavy blame on Malaysia

The Atlantic, an American magazine, recently published an article titled “What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane” on its website.

Screenshot from The Atlantic

The lengthy piece written by William Langewiesche, however, was met with criticisms of resurrecting conspiracy theories long abandoned as well as painting the Malaysian government -old and new- as incompetent with broad assumptions.

Picture Credit: The Atlantic

The Malay Mail was especially startled by the article’s insinuation that Captain Zaharie Shah, pilot of MH370, hijacked the plane, reviving an old and unproven murder-suicide theory.

Picture Credit: BBC News

Another US based site, Daily Beast, was also highly critical of The Atlantic’s article, stating that it was “blaming the pilot on the basis of what amounts to little more than hearsay.”

Due to the severity of these assumptions, the article also under fire from netizens for its broad assumptions on Malaysian politics and the captain himself.

Research Fellow in Southeast Asian Political Change and Foreign Policy at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Aaron Connelly, was one who was vocal in pointing out generalisations:

He also pointed out how the article did not discuss the captain’s political beliefs and the correlation with the government change.

There were also general criticisms on the emphasis of Richard Gibson’s portrayal as the “white-saviour” in the article. The American is an amateur beachcomber who helped locate MH370 debris washed up ashore in Mozambique and Madagascar.

Picture Credit: William Langewiesche via The Atlantic

The Malay Mail also stated that Richard’s portrayal in the article was “almost glowing” while the internet had thoughts as well.

The disappearance of MH370 is a tragedy that’s still a sensitive subject for many Malaysians as the families of the missing persons struggle to come to terms to this day.

Picture Credit: Malay Mail

We may never know what truly happened to MH370 and
discussions on its disappearance is an extremely difficult subject.

You can take a look at The Atlantic’s article HERE

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