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Does high CGPA score = more work opportunity? Twitterjaya says…

Does high CGPA score = more work opportunity? Twitterjaya says…

Anne Dorall

The youth unemployment rate in Malaysia is at 10.82% since last year, almost triple the country’s unemployment rate. In short, most of the unemployed are our youths & fresh graduates.

Fresh graduates now struggle to find jobs, with many complaining at the lack of opportunities in their field of study while others have to settle for less-than-desirable employment.


Recently, Twitterjaya raised the issue of how CGPA scores translate to job opportunities.

Twitter user @pablolantali states that someone with low scores should take responsibility for it.


Naturally, some netizens came to the defense of those with low scroes.

Some also mentioned that CGPA scores aren’t an accurate reflection of real-life work ethics, which needs to be determined via interviews.

On the flip side, a good CGPA score does not automatically mean a good job immediately, though it does open many more doors.


Which led to another Twitter user @rdzaminhat elaborating how while good CGPA scores can open doors, it is still ultimately up to the person to perform well at the interviews to land the job.

New hires are risky for employers, as fresh graduates often do not have prior work experience to refer to. As such, employers can only rely on a CV and the common quantifiable measurement (the CGPA) to make judgments about a potential new hire.

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Twitterjaya continues to explain that it isn’t really the CGPA score itself that makes or breaks a hire.

Some agreed with him, stating that people can get really good grades and yet still not be offered the job because of a bad interview performance.


Others claim that with the right school on your CV, CGPA grades won’t even matter.


Though eventually everyone agreed that when it comes to employment, work ethics matter the most, regardless of CGPA scores or education.

So if you have low CGPA scores, don’t worry! Just be honest about your scores at your interview and showcase your best work ethic.

And if you have great CGPA scores, don’t feel entitled to have a potential employee meet your demands just yet.

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