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7 lifehacks to help you be a fun adult

7 lifehacks to help you be a fun adult

Anne Dorall

We know, the struggle to #adult is hard, and sometimes you just want to enjoy your young-adult life in between the burnouts and emotional breakdowns.

Let us help you with that, so you can play hard for all the times you’ve worked hard!

Btw, we’re going to plug the Toyota Yaris because they’re sponsoring this article we really like that car, okay?

Actually do things on your bucket list (in baby steps)

How many of you have ‘travel’ on your bucket list? How many of you always push it off because it’s just “not the right time”?

Why not start small and be a tourist in Malaysia? It’s the perfect roadtrip time with your friends! There are plenty of amazing hidden gems in the country, mostly within driving distance of the Klang Valley.

And why stop there? Take a weekend drive up to Thailand for some delicious tom yum! It’s still a neat travel experience!

This could be you but you’re not driving the Yaris.
Picture credit:

For you and your friends to roadtrip comfortably you’re going to need a car with lots of legroom, comfortable seating, and USB ports, like the Yaris.

2 USB charging ports so no one needs to fight about the juice.
Picture credit: Toyota Malaysia

Get a hobby and commit

The difference between living to work and working to live is an activity that brings you joy. Find your hobbies and commit to them.

Whether your passion is music, football, or huge mecha armor, there will be events and groups to keep your hobbies thriving.


And if you ever suddenly need to move a whole drum set, or carry a ping pong table in your car, boot space is essential.

A hatchback car would be great for this and the Yaris’ boot floor can be extended so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Lots of boot space for all your needs.
Picture credit: Toyota Malaysia

Learn new things, everywhere

Being stuck in rush hour traffic is the biggest waste of time. Urban Malaysians often spend more than an hour commuting to-and-from work.

We actually improve our lives substantially with that time. Learn something new from educational podcasts or audiobooks, or relax from work stress with a comedy show or two!


So a nice media centre on the dashboard of your car with features like USB mirroring so you can play informational Ted Talks or your favourite music videos is great for this. Guess what car has that built in?

Get schooled while you drive to school (or work or anywhere, really)!
Picture credit: Toyota Malaysia

However, please always remember to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel! Don’t be that person!

Be flexible and accept big changes

We like to think that our lives will fall into a stable routine, but reality doesn’t happen that way.

Every few years we have to make big decisions that changes things. Whether it’s a new job, or moving house, or getting married; life likes to throw curve balls at us.


And many struggle to accept the change because the status quo is so easy. It’s safe, it’s predictable.

But it’s detrimental to your personal growth in the long run. We can’t read the future, but we can certainly decide how we want to act about it.

For example, if you need to sell something big you bought, like a house or a car, you may feel a sense of loss; but if it’s a necessary sale, you can think of it as profit gained instead!

And if you bought a Yaris, it comes with a 5-year fully-backed factory warranty that is transferable to the next owner as long as it is still in effect. Can ask for higher asking price, tau?


Long-term planning = profit

Live a life worth living

It’s pretty obvious that to live the best life you kinda gotta actually have a life. Eat healthy, sleep well, and stay hydrated!

Find time to do things for yourself. Have a mini-spa after a bad day. Feed yourself ice-cream when you’re feeling down. Treat yourself right.


We can’t promise that you will live to see 100, but we certainly hope your life will be long and fulfilling.

With Malaysia being among the countries with the highest per-capita deaths on the road, it’s good to have a lot of safety features in your car.

The Yaris just so happens to have 7 airbags and a bunch of different alert features, which just means it will beep at you incessantly if you are at risk of a collision.

Picture credit: Toyota Malaysia

Safe driving habits to keep your insurance low

Insurance is like, the worst. Some months you feel like it’s a giant waste of money because obviously you drive perfectly well – and then someone else rear-ends you or does something silly on the road.


You know what helps if you meet a crazy on the road? A dashcam. Seriously.

The Toyota Yaris comes with built in dashcams for both the front and back that automatically captures high definition recording once the car is started.

No lie, everything is on dashcam now!
Picture credit: Toyota Malaysia

So *touchwood* if in case you ever do get into an accident, you can prove your innocence and try to haggle a lower insurance rate with your superior safe driving skills.

Treat yourself to the good stuff once in a while


And if treating yourself means a brand new Toyota Yaris, you can find more information on the Toyota website.

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We’re not yet sponsored by the Toyota Yaris but fingers crossed!
(Ps. Can send a test unit to TRP office? Writer wants a new car too!)

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