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93% of Malaysian job-seekers swayed by online reviews of prospective employers

93% of Malaysian job-seekers swayed by online reviews of prospective employers

Anne Dorall

Younger people are now looking to the internet to make their life choices. Everything from food recommendations to travel guides are online.

Naturally, when job-seekers make their decisions about potential employers, you can bet good money that they will turn to the Internet for reviews from past employees.


According to a web poll by recruitment specialist Hays, 93% of respondents in Malaysia take online comments from ex-staff into consideration when making their career decisions.

The number of job-seekers who do not take online comments into consideration has declined as well, as most of internet generation is grown up and are now job-hunting.

Picture credit: Hays Malaysia

On the internet, we trust reviews from strangers because we want transparency. We want to believe that strangers on the internet have no reason to lie to us, much like how friends share recommendations without ulterior motives.

This, of course, is not true- but it’s easier to assume truth than to be suspicious. We’re tired of being skeptics okay!

In the case of job-seeking, a company is selling its work culture, and it’s easy to paint a beautiful picture for prospecting employees.


You’ve certainly seen job openings for “passionate team players” willing to work in a “fast-paced environment” with an “open office concept” and “free breakfast”.

While this sounds like a dream, it can easily mean being a yes-man working unpaid OT at a cramped desk in a co-working space without proper breathing room holding your complimentary packet of 3-in-1 Milo.


Since new jobs are often a risky commitment, it’s little wonder that most people would want to make sure they get to the true picture of the working environment. Who else but actual employees would know best?

So take note, employers: treat your staff well or they might just lose you a good candidate down the road!

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