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Study: Artificial lights at night make you fat

Study: Artificial lights at night make you fat

Anne Dorall

Unexplained weight gain is frustrating, especially for those who continue to eat well and watch our weight. Well, we now have a possible answer and it’s been hiding in your bedroom all this while.

Weight gain creeps up on you wherever you are.
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A recent study conducted by researchers has concluded that exposure to artificial light at night while sleeping may increase risks of weight gain or obesity in women.

The researchers were careful in controlling other factors that may influence the results of the study such as age, relationship status, race, socioeconomic status, physical activity, or average calories consumed.

Even with the controlled variables, the results show that women who often sleep with the lights or TV on were 17% more likely to have gained 5kg or more.


Co-author Chandra Jackson explains that humans are genetically adapted to the natural cycle of sunlight during the day and darkness during the night.

The unnatural exposure to artificial lighting can throw off our circadian rhythm by unintentionally suppressing the production of melatonin, our sleep hormone.

Having our hormones messed up often causes a chain reaction that alters other biological processes, resulting in increased risk of health conditions such as obesity.


This is also why we are always advised to not use our mobile phones in bed for at least an hour before we sleep, for a better rest.

So make sure you turn off all the artificial lights in your bedroom before you sleep! Saves electricity at the same time too!

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