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Regular holiday with loved ones will increase your lifespan, Harvard says

Regular holiday with loved ones will increase your lifespan, Harvard says

What can be more fun than taking a trip with the people you
love? Getting more life-time to do it that is!


A Harvard researcher revealed that going on regular holidays and spending time around your friends and family might just be the fabled fountain of youth that we’ve all been searching for.


According to the study, taking time to bond and share intimate connections with the people you admire can greatly reduce the risk of mortality – cutting down the risk of terminal heart disease and even increase your life expectancy.

The paper explains that meaningful social interactions not only makes us realize a greater sense of fulfillment and gives us pleasure. Time spent being happy around the people you care for can also help in improving your health the same way that a healthy diet or regular exercise would do.

If you are looking for a means to improve both your physical and mental health, taking that long overdue trip would be just the right way to do it!

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What are you waiting for? Start take a holiday to extend your lifespan now!


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