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The Ultimate Raya Open House checklist

The Ultimate Raya Open House checklist


Gearing into the first Raya weekend, a lot of us would be hosting open houses for all our friends now.

We have listed for you a checklist of 10 things for you to make sure your house would be the best Raya Open house this season!


1. Set a date and time

Preferably a weekend and a time everyone would be hungry. Let’s say lunch?

Then blast it out on all your WhatsApp groups.

2. Expect more than the RSVP-ed

Don’t expect people to RSVP, because it’s not the Queen’s banquet.

And when they do come, don’t expect them to come alone. They might just bring everyone they’re with.

Just make sure you invite everyone because there’s nothing worse than forgetting to invite people.

3. Baby-proof your house

Unless you want your mom’s China set to be broken to pieces or your trophy to fall to the floor, better wrap it up and store it.

Worse comes to worse, cling wrap the whole house for safety measure!

4. Clean clean clean

Those cobwebs, your cabinets, and even under your beds. And then after hours of cleaning, when people come don’t forget to casually say, “Oh I’m so sorry this house is a mess.”

Or you can use the Raya hack from our previous post.

5. Food

Being Malaysian, we are synonymous with food.

Let us break it into 3 key areas that you should have.

The Kuehs, the Keropoks and most important of all, the Rendang!

The cookies for dessert, the keropok for our munching buddies and the Rendang as the main star of the feast.

(Pic Credit: Blogspot)

We just hope your cookies weren’t as bad as the ones we featured in a previous post.

6. WiFi and Charger Please

Having a written WiFi and password together with a charging port would ultimately make you the BEST OPEN HOUSE ever. Period.


7. Instagram corner

Another thing that will make you the Ideal hostess this Raya is to have identified the best Picturesque background.

Maybe throw in some decorations. Or take a step further and create your own hashtag!

(Pic Credit:

8. Ice Ice Baby

Malaysia is known to be hot, so don’t let your guests melt.

To have an endless supply of ice to cool your guests down is the best.

Another step further would to have cold edibles for your guests.

We suggest cendol or Ice Kacang.

9. Duit Raya

If you are feeling a tad bit more generous, then you can prepare duit raya for the little kiddos.

You can even try turning giving out duit raya into a game. Quiz the kids to ‘win’ duit raya!

10. Dress up

Last but not least, just sit back and relax in your best Raya apparels, because you definitely want to be Instagram worthy when people take pictures of you.

Being the Ultimate Raya Open House Hostess after all.

Doesn’t mean you need to wear new clothes to be glamorous you know.

(Pic Credit: Omar Ali)

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