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Last minute Raya hacks that are actually useful

Last minute Raya hacks that are actually useful

Kirat Kaur

Ramadhan is almost rama-DONE. The house is a mess, you don’t have cookies and your outfit’s not ready.

Chill, we’re here to the rescue with some last minute Raya hacks that you may (or may not) find useful.

Instant Raya cookies

Somehow managed to go through the entire Ramadhan without buying
a jar of cookies?

Or you plowed through your entire stash right before the open house?


Well, here’s a sneaky little tip. Just buy your favourite biscuits from the supermarket and put them in a pretty jar.

Image via Corat- Coret Cik Selampit, Shoppee, Ebay

Throw in some lace between layers to make it believable and
finish it with a bow.

No one will know…


Say yes to the Raya dress

You don’t want to spend a bomb on a whole new outfit or simply have enough clothes in your wardrobe?

No worries, just glam up for Raya by jazzing up your outfit with some statement pieces. A dope brooch, chunky bangles, a pretty kerongsang or a gorgeous batik shawl.

Like this…

Picture Credit:

Or this..

Picture Credit:

You could also mix and match pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Pair a neutral top with a bright kain or vice versa. Mix patterns. You get the idea.

The easiest alternative, though, is to do a clothes swap with your bestie. Your extended family won’t judge you for skimping out and you have something new for your Instagram. It’s win-win.

In case you need to du-it now

Picture Credit:

Here’s one for those who forgot/don’t have/ ran out of small
change for the Raya packets.

Listen carefully, because we can only say this once. *ehem*
Parking machines

Yes, you read that right. Go to a mall nearby, give yourself an hour to do some last-minute shopping, then pay your parking fee with your large notes.

Picture Credit: Kawah (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

The best part is the money returned is always nice and flat so people will think you actually went to a bank and changed the money just specially for the duit packets.

Note of caution though, make sure the machines return change in notes and not coins. Otherwise you just might be jiggling around with money bags like the Monopoly man.

Image via &

Pack it up

Let’s say by some miracle you didn’t get the hundreds of Raya packets the bank/shopping mall/credit card/uncle/ neighbour/ neighbour’s uncle/neigbour’s uncle’s neighbour were giving out.

Not a problem, just print out the Raya packets yourself lah. Pinterest has a couple of cool designs that you could use.

Pro tip: Customise the packet by adding your name and people will get the impression that you really put some thought into it.

Fake it ‘till you make it

This is one for the ladies who didn’t have enough time to put on your make up for the annual Raya OOTD and selfies.

Slap on a couple of filters and you’re done. Actually, you’re not only done, you’re airbrushed to PERFECTION.

You could even look like her…

or her…

Be a masterchef

Here’s another sneaky tip if you’re not much of a chef but
want to impress guests with minimal cooking time.

DIY your own Ayam Rendang Crispy.

Picture Credit:

Buy fried chicken from your restaurant of choice, packet rendang from the store and throw it in a pot. Et Voila, a praise-worthy dish that’s tasty and you’ll get a few laughs out of it as well!


Spark Joy in your home

Problem : Open house tomorrow, the house’s a mess, you don’t have decorations.

Solution : Clean only the main area, lock the extra junk in your room, throw decorative cloths all over the place.


Bonus tip: reposition furniture for a quick new look. Use
batik as curtains and curtains as sofa covers.

Picture Credit: NEF-NEF Homeware

We love throwing cloth all around because it looks pretty, yes. But more importantly, it hides the bits that you didn’t clean plus protects your furniture from grubby hands and food stains.

Or take it elsewehere

Yeah, if you can’t be bothered to go through the trouble of
preparing your place for an open house, just get a nice looking Air B&B and
host it there instead.

Just choose a super fancy looking place and you don’t even
need to do much decorating.

Picture Credit: Air B&B

Another perk is that you get visitors who are actually invited and not some random gate-crasher.


Here you go, guys. Precious secrets from The Raya Post team. Use it wisely and let us know how it goes!

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