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This 56 year-old beauty & health queen from Thailand outshines people half her age

This 56 year-old beauty & health queen from Thailand outshines people half her age

Most people think that OOTDs and bikinis are a young woman’s game, but 56 year-old SopitChitchat from Thailand shows age is not a barrier.

She’s also a mother of 3 with her eldest being 26 years old.

Yes, those are all Sopit Chitchat posing confidently and rocking all her outfits!

On Facebook, she shares her food and travelling diaries.

Here is a picture of her with her children travelling in California.

Not only is she physically beautiful, but she is also beautiful in the inside.

On her Facebook page where she has over 96,000 followers, she shares beautiful life inspiring quotes to all her followers.

(However, they’re all in Thai so the translations might be a bit off.)

It’s worthless if you don’t see the cost yourself.


If you are afraid of being fat, you will not be able to eat. I will not let it be. When the body wants to eat modestly, eat to know the flavor.
Life needs a reward.


Even though there are hundreds of haters, there is only one lover. Someday there will be those who increase with openness.


In her free time, she grows her own plants.

The best part is, she doesn’t keep her secrets to herself and insists that what she does isn’t difficult.

She also has been religiously drinking an elixir every day for the past 15 years.

An elixir in the form of a smoothie that she generously shares with us on her Facebook page that consists of apples, celery and even onions!


Her friends have aged pretty well, too.

If you wonder how she looked when she was in her 20s, here is a picture of her husband and her about 30 years ago.

And this is a recent picture of both of them.

They both have aged gracefully don’t you think?

Truly, she is the Queen of Beauty and Health.


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