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Facebook Dating is here in Malaysia!

Facebook Dating is here in Malaysia!

Malaysia is among the 14 new countries, which also include neighbors Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam, to get the Facebook Dating app.

It’s not even launched in U.S. yet!
Pic Credit: The Verge
Pic Credit: Soya Cincau

The buzz about this app has been going around since mid-last year, with Facebook’s CEO, Mike Zuckerberg saying the aim is to help users build real and long term relationships through the app.


For those worried of being matched with people in their friends list, this new app by default will exclude your existing friends.

While it maintains all records of your preferences and interests, the app is a separate profile than your existing one.

You can even opt not to have friends of friends to be on the list of your matches.


To try it out, simply go to the Facebook menu and you should be able to see Dating as a new option on your Facebook app.

Pic Credit: vidaselect

To make things even better, if you have had a crush on your existing friend list, Facebook also has a solution for that.

It’s called the Secret Crush.

Pic Credit: Pop sugar

In Secret Crush, Facebook helps you connect with your existing friends.

Simply add their names to this app.

Screenshot via YouTube

You can add up to 9 people at one time!

Both of you will be notified IF and ONLY IF both of you have each other on the list.

Screenshot via YouTube

Don’t worry, if your crush doesn’t feel the same, no notification will be given to them.

How great is that?

Now the question is, would you trust Facebook to be your matchmaker?

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