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Malaysian accent ranked 39th sexiest in the world

Malaysian accent ranked 39th sexiest in the world

In a poll of the sexiest accents for 2019, conducted by travel content company Big 7 Travel Media, the Malaysian accent was among the top 50.

The reason? Big 7 Travel simply says our accent is “increasingly Americanised”, whatever that means.

Even so, the very recognisable New York accent is only ranked 44th.

Any guesses for the number 1 sexiest? The French? British?


Well this year, the New Zealand accent was dubbed as “outrageously charming” and officially garnered the number 1 spot among Big 7 travelers.


The Kiwis are followed by the South African, the Irish, the Italian and the Australian accents making them the top 5 sexiest in the world.

French being “the language of love” secured the 7th spot. Whereas the ‘clear, clipped and completely posh” British accent arrived at number 12 on the list.


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