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Food wastage: Malaysia could learn from S. Korea

Food wastage: Malaysia could learn from S. Korea

Did you know that the amount of food Malaysians throw in a day can feed about 7 million people?


That’s like feeding the whole of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur

With Ramadhan bazaars and hotel buffets coming next month, food waste is expected to increase exponentially, but…

In 2005, South Korea banned sending food to landfills in order to tackle the issue of high food wastage.

This, with other measures like a pay-as-you-waste scheme, where the bags used to dispose of left over food are charged about $6 monthly to each family, has helped South Korea to reduce the amount of disposed food dramatically.

Now South Koreans recycle nearly 95% of their food compared to less than 2% in 1995.


Maybe we can make food compost like them too?


Food compost can be used as fertilizers.

South Koreans have also identified that their dining habits, like banchan (a collection of small side dishes), have contributed to inevitable food wastage. Hence, they are trying to lessen this kind of food as much as possible as well.

What about us Malaysians? Maybe more tightly regulated bazaars?


We better do something before this happens.

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