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Early morning Avengers movie-goers enraged by delay

Early morning Avengers movie-goers enraged by delay


Imagine waking up all excited at the crack of dawn, taking the day off from work to watch the new Avengers movie and then… It’s delayed?!

Pic via: Kakimuvee

Well that was what is alleged to have happened this morning to movie goers in GSC in One Utama, Petaling Jaya according to posts on social media.

Pic via: Kakimuvee


Kakimuvee posted that there had been a delay of up to an hour due to some technical problems at the Atmos Hall.

Staff initially offered refunds to the movie goers, but later, a GSC One Utama manager came forward and provided refunds together with 3 free movie tickets to the audience who faced the delay.

But people were apparently still left unsatisfied.


While technical problems are bound to pop up now and then, GSC have yet to comment on the issue, at least via social media.

Their latest Instagram post happens to be a meme for Jangan Spoiler #dontspoilthegame on Instagram.

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