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RM50 parking at Ed Sheeran concert has fans seeing red

RM50 parking at Ed Sheeran concert has fans seeing red

The price for parking at the recent Ed Sheeran concert in Stadium Bukit Jalil on April 13 has fans Seeing Fire and Making It Rain angry comments about the concert organiser on social media.

But while they might just be Thinking Out Loud, their anger could potentially be misdirected.

Concert organiser, PR Worldwide, stated a week ago that parking at the stadium is handled by Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia and their authorised contractor.

Maybe this post could have used a Small Bump just before the event?
(Pic Credit: PR Worldwide Facebook page)

How much were they charging for a parking space on the day itself? RM50, according to a Photograph posted by Facebook user Jack Chan Wah Loong.

More expensive than parking at a Castle On The Hill. Which castle on what hill?
No idea.
(Pic Credit: Jack Chan Wah Loong Facebook page)

For presale, it was still RM30, according to PR Worldwide who had advised concert-goers that they would have been Happier if they used public transport and Don’t drive if they wanted to attend the Irishman’s concert.

We Are also A Mess on the high price of parking, but How Would You Feel? Social media is the Perfect place for you to let us know.

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