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Upset Stomach While Stuck In Jam? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do For Instant Relief

Upset Stomach While Stuck In Jam? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do For Instant Relief

According to research, there are ways that can help you. And it may be beneficial for all of us when we’re caught in a typical KL traffic jam.


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As humiliating as it is, there may be times you must hold it. Who knows its nature?

You could be in a location where the nearest restroom is 20 KM away. Or, you could be in a position where you feel too embarrassed to use it. What do you do when faced with this circumstance?

It is possible to temporarily stop the bowel motion. According to studies, there are methods to help you. And it might potentially be beneficial to any of us when we’re stuck in a typical KL traffic jam.

Occasionally holding in your feces until you can go is okay, but doing so frequently can cause problems.

1. Stay calm, try and relax.

Take it easy, manage your breathing. Take a deep inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. And take your time with it.

Do things that make you calm, maybe turn on calm and relaxing music while you are in the car. This will help you empty your mind for a while.

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2. Change the position a little.

Do not sit upright, and you can sit slightly tilted.

Changing your position also plays a significant part in managing this situation? You are encouraged to sit slightly tilted, as this may help your body relax little.

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3. Tighten your backside as much as possible.

Clenching your butt cheeks tenses your rectum, which will help you hold the waste within.

This should help you deal with such a stressful situation.

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4. Avoid a lot of movements.

If your stomach hurts, it is hard to sit still and think about going to the restroom.

Try not to move around too much. Even if the car does not move much, it might help you stay calm and focused.

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5. Try to get your mind off of it by listening to music, thinking about something else, enjoy the scenery.

At this time, your mind may be focused on the pain you are experiencing. However, you should attempt to gradually divert your attention by listening to music. Think about other things and observe scene outside.

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Hopefully, sharing this advice will be beneficial, especially if you find yourself in a desperate situation.

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