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Sunway Wants To Change Perception On Vaccines, With First-Hand Accounts From Those Who’ve Been To SPCC

Sunway Wants To Change Perception On Vaccines, With First-Hand Accounts From Those Who’ve Been To SPCC

Our frontliners sacrifice their time and energy to make sure that we can beat Covid-19.

Hakim Hassan

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Since Covid-19 was first detected, it has never been the same for not only Malaysia but the whole world as we were forced to learn and adapt to the pandemic.

Now with vaccines being rolled out by multiple countries to combat the disease, there are now fears on what the vaccine can do to the body as we’re injecting something alien into our system that some are skeptical and even afraid of.

As can be seen with Sunway’s latest Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the expression on the pak cik‘s face portrays what some of us might feel when we get the jab.

Credit: YouTube/Sunway

But, as it turns out, as portrayed in the short video, taking a vaccine shot is not as scary as we think it might be and it actually helps us to turn the tide against the coronavirus.

This year’s Hari Raya flick by Sunway revolves around Suraya, a nurse who has sacrificed time and energy to help those in need, even during the month of Ramadhan.

Just like our own frontliners, Suraya is always ready to help, regardless of the time and place as long as the people around her are safe.

You can watch the video here:

A seamless inoculation process

Unlike our pak cik in the video, Siti Aminah Binti Mansor, an 85-year-old vaccine recipient, was more composed when she took her first shot at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

She said to TRP that the whole process was quick and seamless as she didn’t have to wait for long to get the jab.

It will be another 12 weeks before she pays another visit for the second shot and completes the vaccination process, but so far, she hasn’t exhibited any side effects since the vaccine was given.

The process was also easy for Shirin Aziha Shahidan, who accompanied her grandmother to get the vaccine. She noted that the mall is equipped with the necessary amenities to ease the process from the parking lot all the way to the actual jab.

“I was accompanying my 90 y/old grandmother who could still walk, so we got someone to drive us there. Upon arriving, it was helpful to know that wheelchairs were available for loan at the entrance so grandma didn’t have to walk far.”

She said that although there are a lot of people, the place is barricaded and everyone adhered to the physical distance SOP. There were helpers and Health Ministry personnel to monitor everyone there.

Shirin recommends getting vaccinated there as the distance between the entrance from parking bays is near to the SPCC entrance, making it easy for people to find parking and get the jab.

Credit: TRP

Is there a good or bad vaccine?

Are some vaccines better than others? That’s not the point, the main thing that we need to focus on is getting as many people vaccinated as possible for two things: to reduce daily Covid-19 cases and protect not only ourselves but our loved ones as well, said Dr Izwan, the specialist who is stationed at SPCC.

The doctor also told TRP that it’s wasteful for people to be picky about their vaccines and end up canceling their appointments just because it’s not the one that they want.

He said the main function of the vaccine is to eliminate the risk of dying from the coronavirus, and cited countries such as Great Britain and the United States of America which have seen their cases dwindle significantly after a large portion of their population received their jabs, as a sign that it works.

Currently, Dr Izwan said that less than 10% of the Malaysian population here has received their vaccine.

How Sunway makes it easier to get your vaccine

Young or old, one of the best ways that we can win in the fight against Covid-19 is to vaccinate ourselves.

From now until February 2022, you can get vaccinated at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC) under the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP).

Touted as Malaysia’s first large-scale centre, it has the capacity to vaccinate around 5,000 people per day and it’s expected that the SPCC will vaccinate around 1.8 million people in the Petaling district.

Credit: TRP

There are a few ways to get here; you can do so via public transport, which is by hopping on the LRT Kelana Jaya Line to USJ 7 station and interchange with BRT to Sunway Lagoon station or KTM Komuter from the Port Klang Line to Setia Jaya station before changing to the BRT to Sunway Lagoon station.

The mall also has ample parking if you prefer to drive instead, with dedicated areas also known as wheelchair-friendly zones located in almost every level for the wheelchair-bound.

Another perk if you travel by car is that you’ll get free parking by scanning the Free Parking QR code near the exit point.

Also, patients who are taking their vaccines at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center are entitled to special rewards including Day Stay packages at Sunway Pyramid Hotel or Sunway Clio Hotel and many other offers.

Do note that the rewards change every month depending on the respective business units, so do check out their offers here before getting yourself vaccinated in SPCC.

All this makes Sunway Pyramid Convention Center not only a convenient and conducive environment to get your vaccine but also ensures the country has sufficient space/venue to cater to the 1.8 million people residing in the Petaling district as the nation works to achieve 80% herd immunity.

Sunway is doing its part in making that happen and has committed more than RM50 million since March 2020 to help the nation fight the pandemic. You can read more about Sunway’s efforts at:

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