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GE15: Marketer Breaks Down Why It Looks Like PN, BN Paid Influencers

GE15: Marketer Breaks Down Why It Looks Like PN, BN Paid Influencers

Paid political content on social media goes against the platform’s usage policies.

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If you’ve been seeing an increasing amount of political social media content, you’re not alone.

Previously, we wrote about how there have been allegations that these political parties are paying for social content, but professional marketer Justin TWJ recently set about proving that those influencer videos really are paid content.

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First, he compared well-known influencers. He noted that each of them did exactly two videos, which were created in the same style with one single hashtag.

Next, he pointed out that influencers with smaller platforms were obviously fed the same captions and hashtags to use. Even the order of the hashtags used were the same.

One influencer was even spotted “supporting” two different political parties at the same time!

Justin goes on to list a few more observations consistent with the marks of paid content, such as the same scripts and even false information within the content.

However, what’s most important is that voters should be able to tell the signs of insidious paid content themselves.

Politically-based paid content goes against each social media platform’s terms of service, so viewers can report these content as false information too! Have you seen any of these paid content for yourselves?

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