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[Watch] US Comedian Shares How Durian Caused Havoc In Plane From Hawaii

[Watch] US Comedian Shares How Durian Caused Havoc In Plane From Hawaii

Kate Micucci shared her bizarre in-flight experience caused by a fruit in a podcast hosted by Craig Ferguson.

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In-flight encounters, be it firsthand or from stories we hear, range from funny to nightmarish.

American actress and comedian Kate Micucci recently shared a particularly bizarre flight experience on “Joy”, a podcast hosted by Craig Ferguson.

Ferguson shared a snippet of the podcast on his TikTok account @craigy_ferg.

In the video, Kate who once played Lucy in The Big Bang Theory, recalled an incident that occurred while she and her family were returning from visiting her aunt and uncle in Hawaii.

The flight was from Kailua-Kona to Los Angeles, and about 20 minutes after take-off, a peculiar odour filled the cabin.

“….and I am on my computer doing work and my son is sleeping and then all of a sudden I smell gas,” said Micucci in the video.

Other passengers began noticing the same propane-like smell. Micucci woke her husband, Jake, who promptly called a flight attendant.

As the flight attendants walked through the aisle, they too detected the strong scent.

The flight attendant informed Micucci that the good news was that they were not far from Hawaii and could turn the plane around if necessary.

“And I am thinking, turn it around! Like this can’t be right,” Micucci added.

By this time, the passengers were in a state of panic.

The flight attendant spoke with the pilot in the cockpit, and they reassured the passengers that everything seemed fine on their end.

They did however say that they would wait and see if the smell dissipated in the next five minutes before they reassess the situation.

Despite the reassurance, the smell lingered, and the anxiety among passengers continued to rise.

Then, after about four minutes, the smell began to dissipate. The pilot finally addressed the cabin, revealing that the source of the odour was none other than a FRUIT!

@craigy_ferg @Katemicucci is always interesting. On this weeks Joy she explains the terrifying nature and real world ramifications of contraband produce. EnJOY! #joy #thecraigfergusonshow #katemicucci #garfunkelandoates ♬ original sound – Craig Ferguson

Micucci said she was not convinced that a fruit could smell like that but later discovered it was really a fruit.

Yes, Malaysians, the culprit was indeed the King of Fruits—our beloved durian.



The comment section was filled with laughter. One of the netizens said that once Kate said fruit in the video, they knew it was the durian.

Another user shared a similar incident where his office was evacuated because of a gas odour just to find out that the panic was caused by a durian candy.

So where did the durian come from?

Micucci did not disclose who brought the durian on board the flight.

However, durian is not unheard of in Hawai’i. Yes, they are grown there too.

There’s a farmer’s market in Hilo, Hawai’i that sells a myriad of tropical fruits, from papayas to durians.

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The Mama’alawe Organic Fruit Farm in Maui also grows durian trees which have been producing fruit.

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