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[Watch] “Mat Salleh” Applauded For Returning Rubbish To Driver Who Littered In Cameron Highlands

[Watch] “Mat Salleh” Applauded For Returning Rubbish To Driver Who Littered In Cameron Highlands

A tourist got out of his car and picked up the rubbish that was thrown out by a driver.

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A “mat salleh” received praise when a video went viral of him teaching a driver a lesson for throwing rubbish out of their car window.

If you’re not familiar with the term, “mat salleh” is a local phrase used to describe a Caucasian man. It is not necessarily derogatory and is mostly used in a neutral tone.

The video was shared on TikTok by @planktontree.

The Caucasian gentleman, presumably a tourist, picked up the rubbish thrown by the driver out his car window and returned it to them.

The incident occurred in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, when the driver of a Honda threw rubbish while stuck in a traffic jam.

The tourist exited his car, retrieved the trash, and handed it back to the Honda driver.

@planktontree Kan dah malu. Tlg la jangan buang sampah merata. Malu la sikit dekat tourist dengan perangai kita ni. #cameron #dashcamfootage #perangaiorangkita #littering ♬ Nikmati Perjalanannya – Chintya Gabriella


The video has garnered significant attention and various reactions from TikTok users.

Many praised the tourist’s actions, seeing it as a fitting lesson for the irresponsible driver.

Netizens expressed their satisfaction with the tourist’s response and criticized the driver’s careless and shameless behaviour.

Some users were surprised and embarrassed by the driver’s actions, urging others to dispose of their trash properly.

The video has sparked a conversation about the importance of environmental responsibility and the impact of individual actions on the community.

It Is Against The Law

According to the Police, Individuals caught littering can be penalized under Rule 52 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 (LN 166/1959) with a maximum fine of RM300.

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