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7 Malaysian Fashion Brands That Make Traditional Clothing Cool Again

7 Malaysian Fashion Brands That Make Traditional Clothing Cool Again

Old is bold. 😎

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In the vibrant world of fashion, tradition and modernity often walk a fine line. However, there are some brilliant local brands that are not only balancing on this line but dancing on it with flair! 

These fashion-forward labels are reimagining traditional clothing, bringing a fresh and contemporary twist to age-old styles. Let’s dive into the stories of 7 local fashion brands revolutionising traditional attire!


In the charming city of Melaka is Batikbynell, a home-based bespoke fashion house run by a dynamic Nyonya mother-daughter duo, Nellie and Jee. Their journey began during the MCO, when Jee suggested they start an online business to sell batik attire and the rest, as they say, is history.

Each batik piece is meticulously handmade, so patience is key – customers typically wait six to eight weeks for their custom orders. But it’s worth the wait for these stunning, personalised batik creations!


@huntilanak Make this custom Monster jacket with me 👹 #upcycledfashion #1of1 #avantgarde ♬ BORN TO BE – ITZY

Next up, we have Huntilanak, the brainchild of Esmod fashion graduate and budak PJ, Ryan Alexander Tan. Ryan prides himself on creating unique, custom-made pieces, often using deadstock and upcycled fabrics.

 By not mass-producing, Ryan ensures that each garment is a one-of-a-kind treasure. His commitment to sustainable fashion and his passion for traditional styles make Huntilanak a standout brand in the modern fashion landscape.

Check out Huntilanak’s recent creation, made with second-hand denim and Songket on IG!


For Kel Wen, the visionary behind Behati, tradition is not static but ever-evolving. During his fashion school years, Kel was encouraged to look to the West for inspiration. However, he believes in the richness and power of local culture. 

Kel is no stranger to controversy, with many deeming his works as “cultural appropriation”, but he stands on his philosophy: “Culture won’t exist without change.” Blending traditional elements with contemporary flair, he creates pieces that are both innovative and deeply rooted in heritage.


Fern Chua’s foray into batik design began as a form of rehabilitation after a car accident. In 2013, she launched her eponymous label to give batik a modern twist. Fern travelled to Terengganu and Kelantan to master the art of batik, and her dedication paid off. 

Her boutique, FERN, inaugurated by the former Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, is a testament to her influence in the industry. FERN’s designs are a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity, making batik accessible and fashionable for all.

Tangsi Tujuh

Tangsi Tujuh is all about celebrating the cultural influences of the Nusantara archipelago. Founded by bridal designer Jeffri Mohamad Jaapar and makeup artist Juliana Nazar in 2018, the brand embraces the concept of “Nusantara living”, emphasising a strong connection with Mother Earth. 

Their designs reflect this philosophy, blending traditional elements with a contemporary aesthetic. Tangsi Tujuh’s creations are a nod to heritage while being perfectly in tune with modern sensibilities.


ANAABU is the creation of Ana Abu, a talented designer of Cambodian and Kelantanese heritage who left a career in engineering to pursue her passion for fashion. The brand is known for its androgynous, minimalist designs that are both practical and versatile. 

Working primarily with linen and cotton, ANAABU’s pieces are characterised by their muted colours and minimal adornment. ANAABU is perfect for those who appreciate understated elegance and timeless style.


Last but not least, we have Mimpikita, a brand founded in 2008 by three sisters – Nurul, Mira, and Syera Zulkifli. Despite having no formal fashion background, the sisters launched an online blog shop to sell clothing and home decor items. 

Today, Mimpikita is a well-known name in the local fashion scene, celebrated for its modern interpretations of traditional attire. Their sub-brand, MKita, offers a range of stylish, ready-to-wear pieces that blend contemporary trends with classic elements.

These brands are proof that tradition and modernity can coexist beautifully.

By reimagining traditional clothing with contemporary twists, they are keeping cultural heritage alive while appealing to modern-day aesthetics. 

Time to add a touch of tradition to your wardrobe! 😉

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