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[Watch] Cat In “One By One” Video Was A Persistent Stray That Carried Her Babies One By One To Goh’s Shop

[Watch] Cat In “One By One” Video Was A Persistent Stray That Carried Her Babies One By One To Goh’s Shop

They are a part of Goh’s life and his shop.

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Many would still remember the furry little busybody in the viral “one by one” video of an altercation between a convenience store owner and a customer.

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Although their conflict ended with a gentlemanly handshake, the cat too became famous.

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BFM Radio caught up with the shop owner, Goh Yap Eng recently, who shared the story about his cats in an interview with them at his shop in Seberang Perai, Penang.

Goh And His Cats

Goh officially introduced his beloved cats, starting with Meowbo, a stray he has cared for over eight years.

Initially feeding her without letting her inside, Goh discovered Meowbo had given birth inside his shop.

He said despite putting them outside in a box, Meowbo carried her kittens, one by one, back into his shop.

This was when Goh decided to accept their presence in his life

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“I do not want to raise cats because I had a cat before for 16 years and when it passed away I was heartbroken,” he said.

Meowbo’s kittens are now grown cats. The first one is a male known as King.

The second one is known as Neowchuboi (Rat Tail).

“Neowchuboi is my princess,” said Goh in the interview. He added that she only comes down when the shop is closed.

The third is the chubby one, known as White Face a.k.a Tuapoi (Fat). It became so chubby that the doctor asked Goh to put White Face on a diet.

These are not the only cats that Goh has in his shop. Goh also adopted another cat, Dan Dan, who is now a year old.

Customers’ reactions

When asked about customers’ reactions, Goh explained that it depends on whether they like cats. Those who don’t would say his shop is unclean, while others love visiting as they get to see the cats.

Goh doesn’t mind working harder to keep his shop clean, stating, “I am an animal lover, so what can I do?”

The video also shows Goh’s dedication to his cats’ well-being, discussing their food intake and his preference for allowing them to roam free rather than being caged.

Many were pleased with Goh’s actions in taking the cats in.

One said that he is better than many other human beings out there who mistreat cats.

Another netizen said Goh is a certified cat lover. Meanwhile, another said that this cat story is much more interesting than the fight story.

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