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6+ Movies To Watch With The Family On Father’s Day

6+ Movies To Watch With The Family On Father’s Day

Indulge in some family bonding time with a movie night from this selection of local and international film gems.

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After a Father’s Day celebration outside, why not indulge in family time by having a movie night together? Here are some local and international film gems to watch.

1. Kongsi Raya

Kongsi Raya centres around an interracial couple, Jack (Wilson Lee), a Chinese chef in love with a Malay TV producer named Sharifah (Qasrina Karim), trying to get their feuding celebrity chef dads to get along. Things take a turn when neither man wants to give in and instead challenges each other to a live cook-off on TV to decide the future of their children’s relationship.

2. Papadom

Papadom is a touching comedy about a single father Saadom (played by Afdlin Shauki) who owns a successful nasi kandar restaurant and papadom-making factory. However, his growing businesses made him neglect his family and the family relationship soured.

When his wife passed, Saadom was faced with regret for not paying more attention to his loved ones. After his daughter Miasara (Liyana Jasmay) decides to study in another state, he hatches a harebrained scheme to pose as a gardener to keep an eye on her with hilarious consequences.

3. The Journey

The Journey is another story about an interracial couple facing a conservative family member. Uncle Chuan is the typical uncle with a rigid set of rules for everything. When his daughter Bee (Joanne Yew) returns home from England with her angmoh fiancée Benji (Ben Andrew Pfeiffer), Uncle Chuan refuses to give his blessing.

He eventually relents to allow them to marry but they must fulfil his one condition to hold a traditional wedding ceremony. This also indirectly forced Benji and Uncle Chuan to travel nationwide together to deliver wedding invitations in person and learn more about each other along the way.

4. Redha

Redha is a story about a father who had to come to terms with caring for his son with special needs. Razlan (Namron) became a single father to his autistic son named Danial (Harith Haziq) overnight after his wife died from an accidental fall at home. Initially, Razlan is in denial of Danial’s condition but gradually accepts and learns how to support his son.

For the kids

5. Onward

Onward is a tale of two elf brothers who grew closer after going on a magical quest to bring back their father. It started on Ian’s sixteenth birthday when their mother gave them gifts from their late father, Wilden. The gifts could cast a “visitation spell” so they could talk to their father for a single day. When the spell went awry, the brothers embarked on a journey to hunt for the missing “ingredient” to complete the spell.

6. Hotel Transylvania

Count Dracula is a single dad to his beloved daughter Mavis and runs a famous human-free hotel for monstrous guests. Things take a turn when a human traveller, Jonathon, stumbles into the hotel and catches his daughter’s eye. To protect the monsters’ safe haven and prevent guests from panicking, Drac hatches a zany scheme to keep the human hidden to hilarious consequences.

There are four Hotel Transylvania films so it’ll be a perfect choice for a family movie marathon.

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