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Juventus Attracting Malaysian Fans With “Macha Kita Kan Brothers” And “Bae Soba Bae”

Juventus Attracting Malaysian Fans With “Macha Kita Kan Brothers” And “Bae Soba Bae”

Juventus FC on the ball with social media trends.

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The Juventus Football Club, part of Serie A, despite being Italian, has a huge fan base in Malaysia.

It is not surprising then that the club’s TikTok appears to employ geotargeting with their posts.

Many local TikTok users were baffled by a couple of videos they posted which was “very Malaysian” in flavour.

One video featured a local Tamil song, Yeenode Macha, sung by Malaysian artist Zubir Khan.

In the video, the players of Juventus Fc were joking around and having fun during their training session.

In the caption, the Italian giants said “Macha! Kita kan brothers!” (Bro, we are brothers).

@juventus Macha! Kita kan brothers! 🤜🤛 #JuventusMalaysia ♬ original sound – KRB_BGM
@juventus Jangan risau admin setia orangnya. 143 Juventus forever 🫶 #JuventusMalaysia ♬ original sound – MFI AUTOHAUS LUXURY CAR

This was a surprise and delighted many Malaysians including Zubir who sang the song.

However, there was some confusion in the comment sections where people could not comprehend how Juventus, an Italian football club was savvy enough to know local Malaysian trends and songs.

Many in the comment section said that this video is only available in Malaysia and cannot be seen by others around the world despite it being posted by Juventus FC’s main and official account on TikTok.


Upon further research, it is found that Juventus could be employing a marketing tool known as geotargeting.

This was further proven when we asked a friend in Australia to take a look at Juventus FC’s TikTok account. The friend was not able to view the videos with the Malaysian flavour.

It was the same for a friend in New Zealand who was also not able to view the video from where they were.

So what is geotargeting?

This is when brands design advertisements or posts based on the locations of their target audience.

This would involve knowing the demographics of their users, such as age, race, gender, and location, to provide customised content.

You can produce material that is tailored to your customers’ individual locales when you are aware of their geographic location.

In TikTok, you can also post advertisements according to placements and locations.

Placements and Locations are essential to video group selections that define the locations where videos will run.

Placements determine the apps where videos will be shown, while Locations determine the countries/markets where videos will be delivered.

Juventus taking social media game seriously

It was reported last year that Juventus had been embracing social media innovations.

They even put together an in-house production studio with creators from various social media platforms and called it The Creator Lab.

Their marketing chief told SportsProMedia that this was an attempt at diversifying their social media content.

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